The Glorious Battle

Dagor Aglareb.

Second Battle of Beleriand

First age year 60. The siege of Angband was interrupted by the second battle and two other lesser incidents. The battle began in the year 60. Morgoth shook the Earth with earthquakes and Orcs poured out of Angband into Beleriand through the Pass of Sirion; the Narrow Land and the land of Maglor, which lies between the rivers Gelion and Little Gelion. Fingolfin and Maedhros gathered a great force and came upon the main force of Orcs and destroyed them utterly in sight of Angband, while others hunted and destroyed those Orcs who strayed into Beleriand.

The two incidents were

F.A.155. Morgoth sent forth an army into the North. By the shore of the Sea and through the Grinding Ice they came to Drengist just as Fingolfin had done. But Fingon came upon them and drove them back into the sea.

F.A.260. The siege of Angband was interrupted by the coming of Glaurung. He was also driven back to Angband by a host of horsed archers lead by Fingon. Glaurung was still in his youth, only half-grown and not fully armored, when he attempted this invasion. It is said that he was ordered to do so, though it was not of his own will to show himself this early.