Born in ?. Died F.A.502.

Son of ?.

Father to Khîm and Îbun.

Mîm was of the race of the Noegyth Nibin, the Petty-dwarves.

1 Age.

F.A.487. Turin and his outlaws came upon Mîm and Khîm in the angel between the Forest of Brethil and of Forest of Region on the western shore of Sirion . Arrows was loosened by Andróg and one of the slingshots wounded Khîm sorely. Turin and his outlaws captured Mîm and he showed them to his dwelling at Amon Rûdh. Turin and his band took refugee in the hide and home of Mîm.

F.A.489. Beleg came to Amon Rûdh and they were betrayed to the Orcs and Morgoth by Mîm. Turin was captured by the Orcs and his men was slain but Beleg survived though he was hard wounded.

F.A.499. Mîm goes to Nargothrond and takes possession of the treasure and the Nauglamír there when Glaurung is slain.

F.A.502. Slain by Hurin the Steadfast in Nargothrond.