Kurufinwe./ Curufinwë.


Spirit of Fire.

First son of Finwë and Míriel Serende.

Halfbrother to Findis, Fingolfin, Faniel, Finarfin and Írimë who were of Finwës second marriage with Indis.

Born in Tirion upon the Hill Túna in Aman in V.Y.t.1169.

Weddet to Nerdanel daughter of Mathan early in his youth. No precise date is given but it looks like it was before his father weddet Indis, his second wife, which took place in V.Y.t 1185. If it is so he may have weddet Nerdanel not before his fifty year ( Sun-year ) according to the costums concerned marriage between Elves, which again place the wedding of Fëanor and Nerdanel between V.Y.t.1179 - 1185.

Father to Maedros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod and Amras.

Fëanor were the first elf born with a father and mother and the first of the second generation of elves. His original name (Fathername) was Kurufinwë. His mothername was Fëanàro ( Spirit of Fire ) given to him in recognition of his impetuous character. Fëanor was not a gentle person, he was proud and hot-tempered, and opposition to his will was not met with the quit steadfastness of his mother but with fierce resentment. Fëanor was restless in body and mind but like his mother he could become wholly absorbed in works of the finest skill of hands. Fëanor loved his mother dearly and her death was a lasting grief to him.

Fëanor made the seven Palantiri as it is told in the Annals of Aman and he made the Silmarils, the great jewels that holds the last remaining light of what was before the Sun and Moon. Furter, according to the Earliest Tales, he created the Green Stone of Fëanor. Though not confirmed Fëanor may also have been the creator of the Lamps of the Noldor.


V.Y.t.1250. Feanor took the letters of Rúmil and improved them and those letters have been used by the Eldar ever since.

V.Y.t.1449. Fëanor createt the three Silmarils, and the Silmarils were fullwrought in V.Y.t.1450. Also in these years did Melkor sow his lies with cunning and malice for his heart lusted for the Silmarils and sought ever more eagerly in secret how to destroy Fëanor. But as the years drew on his lies found ears and some began to believe the Valar had brought them to Aman for keeping Middle-Earth for the Humans who had still to come forth and the Noldor began to murmur against the Valar. And lies he set between Fëanor and his halfbrothers Fingolfin and Finarfin but only Melkor harvested from this.

V.Y.t.1490. From all the quarrel that arose Fëanor was banished 12 Valian years from Tirion, He went north of Valmar and built Formenos, where also his father and sons came to live. But Nerdanel, his wife, asked him leave to go and live with Indis among the Vanyar-elves.

V.Y.t. 1495. Fëanor was commanded to attend the feast Manwë held to heal the feud and he came but without his precious gems the Silmarils. These he kept at home in a iron-locker but Melkor succeded to steal the gems and kill his father Finwë and the Trees. When the news of his father reached Fëanor in the dark, standing before the feets of the Valar, he cursed the summons of Manwë and ran into the night.

Long he grieved for his loss and he rebelled against his ban and came to Tirion and spoke fierce and fell words filled with anger and pride and he claimed the Kingship of the Noldor and scorned the decrees of the Valar and inflame the hearts of the Noldor and all who would listen to return to Middle-Earth and regain the Silmaril and revenge his father.

V.Y.t.1496. This year Fëanor departed with the Noldor-Elves but as they left Tirion a messenger from Manwë came forth declaring that none could ever return to Aman if they continued, but Fëanor neglected the Doom and the host continued. At the shores of Aman he percieved they would need ships to cross the Belegaer and turned to the Teleri at Alqualondë but they would not lend, sell or sail him across and here happened the First Kinslaying. When Fëanor left Aman in the White Ships of the Teleri they landed in Endor at the Northern shore in the Firth of Drengist at Losgar in Lammoth.

V.Y.t.1497. The arrival at Losgar and the burning of the white ships by the command of Fëanor happened this year and then the host passed into Hithlum and came at length to Lake Mithrim. There the host camped not knowing that Melkor had sent forth his troops and they assailed the camp before it was all ready and in that battle, Battle under Stars or as it is also named, Dagor-nuir-Giliath, Fëanor died upon Ard-Galen, caused by the wounds the Balrogprince Gothmog gave him.

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