Gwindor of Nargothrond

Son of Guilin. Mother unknown.

Born in V.Y.t. in Valinor or at Cuiviénen or in F.A.?. Died in F.A.495.

Brother to Gelmir.

Gwindor was bethroted to Finduilas the daughter of Orodreth.

1 Age.

F.A.468. When Maedhros made his Union Orodreth, the King of Nargothrond, would not march forth to aid any sons of Fëanor because of the deeds of Curufin and Celegorm but Gwindor a very valiant prince; against the will of Orodreth, went with a small company to the Northern war, because he grieved of the loss of his brother in the battle of Sudden Flame. They did not want to serve any of the sons of Fëanor but they took the badge of the house of Fingolfin and they marched beneath the banners of Fingon. His brother Gelmir had been taken alive in Battle of the Sudden Flame and Gwindor hoped to revenge his brother.

F.A.472. In the battle of Unnumbered Tears, by ill chance, was Gwindor standing near when the captains of Morgoth, to drive forth the army in the West, hewed off his brothers legs, arms and head. Gwindor`s wrath could not be hindered and before time the host from Nargothrond rushed ahead in an onslaught. Even to the gates of Angband they came but Gwindor was taken alive as the only survivor from the first onslaught in front of the gates of Angband and enthralled.

F.A.489. This year escaped Gwindor Angband and while he was searching his way back through Taur-nu-Fuin he was found by Beleg and aided him in the rescue of Turin. With him Gwindor had a Fëanorian lamp.

F.A.490. Gwindor and Turin came to Nargothrond. Finduilas recognized Gwindor who have been lost since the Battle of Unnumbered Tears.

F.A.490-495. But as the glory of Turin grew in Nargothrond the love of Finduilas was against her will turned towards him and away from Gwindor. Turin becomes a great captain and counselor in Nargothrond but his warlike mind does not cooperate with Gwindor`s and he spoke against Turin in the councils. But as Turin`s fame rose Gwindor fell into dishonour and none heeded him.

F.A.495. In the Battle of Tum-halad he was hurt to the death but Turin came to his aid and bore him out of the battle, yet there was no hope for Gwindor and he passed away lying upon the green grass.

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