Elu Thingol.


King Greymantle.

Born V.Y.t.1050 at the shores of Cuiviénen. Died in F.A.502.

Brother to Olwë and Elmo.

Wedded to Melian.

Father to Lúthien and Daeron.

Valian Years of the Trees.

V.Y.t. 1085. Upon one of his rides Oromë`s horse Nahar came upon a strange scent and stood still setting up a great neighing and Oromë heard from afar the sound of singing voices and thus he found the Elves and befriended them.

V.Y.t 1102. Elwë, Finwë and Ingwë were as ambassadors brought to Valinor. To see the bliss of Aman and to speak with Manwë

V.Y.t.1104. Brought back to Cuiviénen. The three Lords counseled their people to travel to Aman and they were chosen among their respectively people to be Kings but the Teleri chose two because they were the most numerous people and Olwë was chosen as their Lord too.

V.Y.t 1105. Preparing of the great march

V.Y.t 1105-1115. March of the Elves under the guidance of Oromë towards the West.

V.Y.t.1115. This year the trail came through a great forest ( the later known Mirkwood ) and came to a wide and broad river ( Anduin ) For long the Teleri abode upon the East-brink's of that river but the Noldor and Vanyar wished to continue and Oromë led them up towards the passes of Hithaeglir. But now Oromë was gone the Teleri became frightened of the tall, shadowy and terrible mountains and Lenwë forsook the march and led away a numerous folk and went south down towards Ered Nimrais and they became known as the Nandor-Elves.

V.Y.t.1115 -1128. The remaining Teleri, unwilling but urged by Elwë and Olwë their Lords, were eager to see /return to Aman, crossed Hithaeglir, Eriador and Ered Luin and came to Ossiriand.

V.Y.t.1130. After the Teleri had come to Ossiriand Elwë strayed in the woods of Beleriand after a meeting with his friend Finwë and he came to the borders of Nan-Elmoth where he heard the nightingales singing and he was spell-bound for the birds were birds of Melian the Maia. Elwë followed the sound deep into Nan-Elmoth and he met Melian the Fair and took her hand and was lost for his people while the trees grew tall and dark about them. But Olwë remained with his kindred in the East of Beleriand.

V.Y.t.1152. Elwë awoke from the trance and he dwelled with Melian in the forests of Beleriand and he became a great King for his folk in the land Doriath. Elwë and Melian`s people were those Teleri who did not leave Beleriand into the West. Melian was Elwë`s Queen and their people called him Elu Thingol in their tongue the Sindar-language or King Greymantle for they were the Grey-Elves living in the twilight of Middle-Earth.

V.Y.t.1200. Of the love between Melian and Elwë came the most beautiful child who have ever walked in Arda, Lúthien Tinúviel., born under the starlit sky in Neldoreth.

V.Y.t.1300 - 1350. Thingol had by foresight and counsel of Melian sought the aid and craft of the Dwarves of Belegost to make him a strong place to dwell and Menegroth was delved. As payment for their aid Melian taught them much knowledge and Thingol gave them pearls and Nimphelos. In these years the Dwarves spoke to Thingol of evil beginning to multiply again in the North and Thingol began to think of weapons. The first of these came from the Dwarven smiths and maybe Thingol had his sword Aranrúth made by the Dwarves in these days.

V.Y.t. 1350-1497. In these Years Denethor came over the Southern Ered Luin into Ossiriand and Thingol welcomed them as old friends and kin. There in Ossiriand, the land of the seven rivers, the people of Denethor dwelt and became known as the Green-Elves in later days and there were friendship between the peoples and peace in the lands.

V.Y.t. 1497. Morgoth made in this year his first assault upon Beleriand in the battle called Battle under Stars. Orcs came down from the North upon either side of Dorthonion and Doriath was cut off from both sides. Therefore Thingol called upon Denethor and the attacking Orcs were taken between the two hosts of the Elves and were defeated but the victory was dearbought. The Elves of Denethor were light-armed and no match for the Orcs and Denethor was cut off and surrounded upon Amon Ereb and Denethor and all his nearest kin was killed before Thingol could come to his aid. But the eastern army of Orcs were routed by the Dwarves from Ered Luin and Thingol could face the western force of Orcs. In these years did Melian fence their realm with a mighty spell, the Girdle of Melian.

1 Age.

F.A.20. To the great feast of reuniting; Mereth Aderthad, only Mablung and Daeron was sent from Thingol.

F.A.52. Finrod prompted by Ulmo, and told of the caves in the Eastern end of the Wall of Andram by Thingol, began with the help of the Dwarves from Ered Luin the widening of the caves Nargothrond.

F.A.66. It was in this year Thingol learned from Melian, who had the story from Galadriel, why the Noldor came back to Endor from Aman but not the whole story was revealed to him, the Kinslaying of Alqualondë was not yet told.

F.A.67. From Cirdan he now learned the true story of why the Noldor returned and he forbid the use of the Noldorian tongue in his realm.

F.A.422. This year obtained Finrod the grace from Thingol on behalf of Haleth that she and her people could dwell in Brethil if her people would guard the land and the Crossing of Teiglin against the enemies of the Eldar.

F.A.455. Morgoth broke the siege of Angband in the battle of the Sudden Flame but Thingol did not take part in that war. But in the years after many lesser battles were fought along the borders of Doriath.

F.A.462. During these years after the Battle of Sudden Flame the Eldar recovered some of their land and East Beleriand became free of the roaming bands of Orcs. Thingol had broken the force of Orcs upon the borders of Doriath and those who retreated North had been stricken by a sortie of Maedhros. Those Orcs trying to escape East was hunted down by the Dwarves and those who went down south ran into the defence upon Amun Ereb by Amrod, Amras and Caranthir or the Elves of Ossiriand.

F.A.465. Beren son of Barahir came to Doriath and Menegroth to ask of the hand of Lúthien but Thingol scorned him and desiring to send him to death he said to him that he had to bring him a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth as the bride-price for Lúthien

F.A.466. Beren was once more lead to the throne of Thingol by Lúthien and Thingol marveled at him thinking him dead but Beren claimed his reward. At the asking for the Silmaril Beren shoved him his severed arm telling him that the Silmaril was in his missing hand. Thingol was softened as he heard the whole tale of the quest and he gave Beren the hand of his daughter.

When Carcharoth burst into Doriath alone of all messengers Mablung escaped and brought tidings of Carcharoth`s coming to Thingol. A great hunt was prepared. Thingol, Mablung, Beleg, Beren and Húan rode forth in the morning and passed the river Esgalduin and they came upon Carcharoth in a valley at the falls of Esgalduin. Húan chased Carcharoth out of his hiding but Carcharoth leaped upon Thingol but Beren strode before him with a spear. Yet Carcharoth avoided it and fells Beren by biting in his breast. In that moment came Húan upon Carcharoth`s back and there they fought to death and Húan slew Carcharoth. When Carcharoth was slain Mablung cut from the belly the jewel and hands it to Beren who hands it over to Thingol. When they return with Beren on a bier they met Lúthien at the feet of Hirilorn.

F.A.467. Lúthien dies of grief and sorrow for the loss of Beren and darkness as of winter fell upon Thingol.

F.A.468. Orcs came down the Narrow Land and into Beleriand and the people of Brethil was hard pressed but Thingol send help out of Doriath and Beleg, chief of the march-wardens, brought great strength armed with axes into Brethil and issuing from the deep forest the took an Orc-legion at unawares and destroyed it. That stemmed the black tide for a while.

Maedhros began the Union of Maedhros; it seemed for many that Morgoth was not unconquerable because of the deeds of Beren and Lúthien. Maedhros gathered all his brethren and all the folk that would follow them. But from Thingol and Doriath came little help for Maedhros and his brothers, being constrained by their oath had before sent to Thingol and reminded him with haughty words of their claim or become their enemy and their words were threatening. Celegorm and Curufin vowed openly to slay Thingol and destroy his people if they came victorious from war, and Thingol became filled with anger, thinking of the anguish of Lúthien and the blood of Beren and every day that he looked upon the Silmaril the more he desired to keep it forever. Thingol fortified his borders and no help came from his realm save Beleg and Mablung who were unwilling to have no part in these great deeds. To them Thingol gave leave to go as long as they did not serve the sons of Fëanor.

F.A.469. This year suddenly Lúthien and Beren appears again in Menegroth and the darkness of Thingol are healed though not fully for he learns of Lúthien choice and Melian her mother are grieved deeply for a parting beyond the world have come between them.

F.A.472. The Battle of Unnumbered Tears. The Sons of Fëanor did not return victorious and they oath to slay Thingol and destroy his realm could at this time not be fulfilled.

F.A.473. Turin and his two servants, lead by Beleg, reached Menegroth and Thingol received Turin and took him to his own fostering.

F.A.484. Turin slays Saeros and leaves Doriath and Thingol is heavily angered but the truth is discovered when Nellas comes forth.

F.A.494. Morwen and Nienor comes to Doriath seeking Turin and remained there as guests for awhile and were held in honor. But they learn Turin is not there and leave Doriath against any counsel.

F.A.501. Hurin comes to Menegroth in anger and despair and accuse Thingol of treason and poor protection and aid of his family. With him was brought the Nauglamír from Nargothrond.

F.A.502. Thingol had the Nauglamir remade by Dwarves of Nogrod and in it was set the Silmaril. Long was the labour of the Dwarves in the smithies of Menegroth but his desire was achieved and the greatest of the works of Elves and Dwarves were brought to one. When Thingol came to take up the Nauglamír and clasp it around his neck the Dwarves withheld it from him and quarrel arose of the right to the Nauglamír. Proud and tall spoke Thingol wroth words to the Dwarves and he saw their true desire but the lust in the Dwarves was kindled to rage and alone among the Dwarves he was cruelly slain in his own halls.

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