Second son of Fingolfin and Anairë. Born in Aman V.Y.t.1300. Died in F.A.510.

Brother to Fingon and Aredhel.

Married to Elenwë in Aman.

Father to Idril Celebrindil.

Valian Years of the Trees.

V.Y.t.1495. When Fëanor came to Tirion and spoke harsh and fell words Fingolfin spoke against him and in this both Turgon and Fingon followed their father and wrath nearly came to drawn swords but still Turgon wished to see the lands of Middle-Earth and thus follow Fëanor.

V.Y.t.1496. Turgon, his brother Fingon and sister Aredhel and their people left Valinor under their father after the host of Fëanor and his sons. But Fëanor betrayed them when they were about to cross Helcaraxë in the ships they stole from the Teleri Elves in in the First Kinslaying at Alqualondë. Turgon, his wife, brother, sister and father and Finarfin`s children Finrod, Orodreth, Angrod, Aegnor and Galadriel and all their people had to cross Helcaraxë by foot and at the crossing was Elenwë, Turgons wife, lost and died.

V.Y.t.1500 When they arrived in Middle-Earth after the crossing of the Grinding Ice the Sun arose for the first time. Turgon made his dwelling in Newrast and build Vinyamar by the shores of the sea upon Mount Taras.

1 Age.

F.A.50. Upon a journey and resting at the Twilight Meres with Finrod they were both prompted by Ulmo to search and build secret dwellings.

F.A.53. Turgon discovered, by guidance of Ulmo, the hidden vale Tumladen East of the upper rivers of Sirion in Beleriand in a ring of mountains; the Encircling Mountains. These were tall and sheer and no living thing came there save the eagles. In this valley he planned to build his secret city Gondolin as a memorial of Tirion in Aman.

F.A.64. This year he gathered many of his most skilled people and lead them secretly to Tumladen and there they began the building of the strong city Turgon had devised in his heart. And Turgon himself would for the reverence and remembrance of the Two Trees of Valinor make images of those and name them Belthil and Glingal.

F.A.116. His old castle upon Mount Taras was abandoned but at the bidding of Ulmo was set a suit of a warrior upon the wall that in time Turgon could recognize a messenger coming from Ulmo and in secret vanished the people of Turgon into the mountain-valley.

F.A.316. Aredhel, the sister of Turgon wearying of the city went against the wish of Turgon from Gondolin but with her he send as an escort Glorfindel, Egalmoth and Ecthelion.

F.A.400. Return of Aredhel with her son Maeglin to Gondolin but also of her husband Eöl who wished to bring at least his son back to Nan-Elmoth. Yet the law of Turgon forbidded it and in anger and rage Eöl tried to slay his son but instead Aredhel was killed and Eöl was doomed to death and the next day he was thrown from Caragdûr to his death.

F.A.455. In this fell year Morgoth broke the peace of Beleriand and the leaguer of Angband in the battle of the Sudden Flame. Turgon began to send messengers to the Mouth of Sirion, the havens there and to the Isle of Balar from where they set sail upon Turgons errand, seeking for Valinor.

F.A.458. Hurin and Huor brought by two eagles of Thorondor came to Gondolin. In Gondolin they were welcomed by Turgon for Ulmo had counseled him to deal kindly with the House of Hador from where great help should come in time of need. Turgon had great liking for Hurin and Huor and spoke much with them and wished to keep them in Gondolin out of love and not only for his law who permitted no-one once entered to leave again. But Hurin and Huor both desired to return to their kin and share in the wars for they were mortal men and their time was short compared to the Elves and Turgon yielded to their prayers though he was grieved. And brought with the eagles they did not know the entrance to the valley and was allowed to depart if Thorondor was willing. And as they came they departed for Thorondor once again by the asking of Turgon sent eagles to bring Hurin and Huor to Dor-Lòmin. But before they parted they swore an oath to never reveal the realm of Turgon.

F.A.468. Maedhros began the Union of Maedhros; it seemed for many that Morgoth was not unconquerable because of the deeds of Beren and Luthien. Maedhros gathered all his brethren and all the folk that would follow them. Fingon his friend prepared for war, the people of Brethil whetted their axes and also Turgon in secret prepared for battle.

F.A.472. At midsummer was all ready and the army of the Union arrayed in the East and West. Fingons army was stationed in the hills of Ered Wethrin from Eithel Sirion to the Fen of Serech and Turgons host coming up unlooked for held the Passes of Sirion while Maglor and his brothers, the Dwarves and the Swarthy Men was in the East. But treachery prevented the victory of the Elves. When all was lost Hurin and Huor held the passes of Sirion while Turgon disappeared into the hills of Dorthonion and so ended the Battle of Unnumbered Tears.

F.A.495. Tuor comes by aid of Voronwë to Gondolin and Turgon recognize the warrior-suit he is wearing as the same that he had left in Vinyamar.

F.A.496-502. Between these years, in recognition of Tuor`s great courage and learned skills and of love of him, Turgon caused his greatest artificers to make Tuor a new armor as a gift. This was made in Dwarven-steel overlaid with silver.

F.A.502. Tuor weds Turgons daughter Idril.

F.A.510. This year at the time of Tarnin Austa assailed Melkor Gondolin aided by the advice of Maeglin. Turgon refused to try to escape from Gondolin and he died in his tower when it fell under the heavy attack from Dragons and Balrogs. The sword of Turgon was white and gold and in an ivory sheath. Gandalf somehow came to own this sword and named it Glamdring but it is uncertain how it survived the fall of Gondolin since Turgon took it with him in his last stand in his tower.

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