Beren One-Hand.


Son of Barahir and Emeldir.

Born in F.A.year 432 in Dorthonion. Died F.A.503 ( First death in 466 )

Betrothed to Lúthien F.A.466. Wedded to Luthien F.A.469.

Father to Dior.

1 Age.

F.A.455. In this years withdraw Barahir with his son and his outlaws to Dorthonion and made their lair near the waters of Tarn Aeluin and Morgoth could not discover it

F.A. 455 - 460. In the years between the battle of Sudden Flame F.A.455 and F.A.460. they hided in the rough land but the rumor of their deeds went far and wide and Morgoth therefore commanded Sauron to find and destroy them Sauron succeeded in this by the treason of Gorlim Angrimson, one of Barahir`s ten men in Dorthonion. The Orcs came in the still hours before the morning and slew them all, save Beren who was send to spy upon the ways of the enemy. When Beren returned he found his father and his men slain and he buried them by the shore of the lake Tarn Aeluin. Afterwards he persuaded the Orcs, who had cut his fathers hand with the Serpent Ring off as a proof of the killing, and he killed them one by one and took back his fathers ring.

F.A.460 - 464. Beren stayed in Dorthonion as a solitary outlaw for four years and did such deeds that Morgoth put a price on his head no less than the one upon Fingon, King of the Noldor.

F.A.464. This year was Beren forced to flee from Dorthonion and in the winter he climbed into Ered Gorgoroth and came down into Nan Dungortheb. He overcame the Girdle of Melian and met in mid-summer Lúthien in the forest of Neldoreth but a spell of dumbness was laid on him and long he wandered lost in the woods of Doriath.

F.A.465. In early spring was Beren released from his spell and spoke to Lúthien who brought him before her father Thingol. There Beren asked Thingol for the hand of his daughter but the bride-prize set by Thingol was a Silmaril which should be handed to him by Beren.

F.A.466. This year was the Silmaril won from the crown of Morgoth with the aid of Lúthien, Finrod and Húan but Beren lost his hand to Charcharoth.

Beren departed and came to Nargothrond to seek the aid of Finrod. But Celegorm and Curufin tried to hinder the quest and withheld their aid but Finrod and Beren sets forth for the quest with ten men. They are captured by Sauron and cast into the pits of Tol-in-Gaurhoth where they are slain one by one until only Beren was left ( See also Nereb.) He was saved in the uttermost time by Lúthien and Húan. Beren and Lúthien goes back to Doriath but near the borders of that realm they are seized by Celegorm and Curufin. Celegorm tries to ride Beren down while Curufin lifted Lúthien to his saddle. Beren jumped upon Curufin´s horse and threw him to the grown. While Beren and Curufin struggles on the grown Celegorm attacks Beren with a spear but now Húan finally forsook the service of Celegorm for he sprang upon Celegorm so that his horse turned aside and would not approach Beren.

Beren stripped Curufin of all his gear, his weapons and his knife Angrist and asked him to walk away. Celegorm took his brother, stripped of weapons, upon his horse and they rode away but as they rode Curufin took Celegorm's bow and shot two darts back at Lúthien. The first was caught by Húan with the mouth but the second smote Beren in his breast. Beren was hard wounded but Húan pursued Celegorm and Curufin and they flee in fear. When Húan returns he brings Lúthien healing herbs from the forest and with this and by her arts and love Beren were healed. Beren then brings Lúthien to Doriath but leaves her and Húan while she is sleeping. He rides to Taur-nu-Fuin but as he reaches the borders of Anfauglith he is overtaken by Lúthien and Húan .

Beren was then clad in the hame of Draugluin and Luthien as Thuringwethil and they came to the gates of Angband where Carcharoth was guarding. Lúthien commanded him to sleep and he felled as one hit by lightning. Lúthien and Beren enters Angband and comes to the throne and Morgoth in the nethermost hall. Lúthien dance and sings and using all of her arts Morgoth fells into slumber and Beren cuts a Silmaril from his crown with Ancrist. It came into Beren`s mind to one more Silmaril but Ancrist snaps and a shard smote the cheek of Morgoth who groans and fear fells upon Lúthien and Beren and they run for the gate but as they reach the gate Carcharoth is awakened and attacks Lúthien but Beren strode in front of her lifting his right hand with the Silmaril to stop him but instead Carcharoth bites of his hand at the wrist. Bern fell to the ground and the venom of evil was in his blood; behind them was the wrath aroused and Angband wakening but in that hour came Thorondor and two of his vassals swifter than the wind down and lifted up Beren and Lúthien and bore them to the border of Doriath.

Here Beren was healed by Lúthien and Húan and when he was ready they returned to Menegroth and Thingol and was lead before the throne. Beren knelt before Thingol and asks the reward he was promised but Thingol wants the Silmaril Beren was supposed to give him with his hands and Beren shows him his arm with the missing hand and the missing Silmaril. When the story was told Thingol was softened and he gave Beren the hand of his daughter.

Now dark tidings came from Mablung that Charcharoth had burst into Doriath from the North and ravaging the realm a great hunt was prepared. Thingol, Mablung, Beleg, Beren and Húan rode forth in the morning and passed the river Esgalduin and they came upon Carcharoth in a valley at the falls of Esgalduin. Húan chased Carcharoth out of his hiding but Carcharoth leaped upon Thingol; Beren strode before him with a spear but Carcharoth avoids it and fells Beren biting in his breast. In that moment came Húan upon Carcharoth back and there they fought to the death. Húan slew Carcharoth but there in the woven woods of Doriath his own doom was fulfilled and he was mortally wounded. And falling besides Beren he spoke for the third and last time and bade Beren farewell.

Mablung cuts out the Silmaril from the belly of Carcharoth and gives it to Beren who hands it over to Thingol. Beren are carried back upon a bier and at the feet of Hirilorn they meet Lúthien, she kisses him and asks him await her in the Halls of Mandos before he leaves the world forever and then Beren dies. Lúthien shortly after fades away, dying of grief. She comes to the Halls of Mandos and sings to Mandos. The beauty and sadness of the songs touches the Gods deeply and a choice is given the her. She may pass away to the eternal halls and forget all her sorrow or return into the world together with Beren but this time as mortal and there live for the rest of her live as mortal. Lúthien takes upon her the Doom of Men and both Beren and Lúthien are released and sent back to Endor.

F.A.469. This year Beren and Lúthien settles upon Tol-Galen where their son Dior are born.

F.A.503. The day Beren was no more (Second Death) is not known but the year was probably 503 as this was the year when his son Dior at night received the Nauglamír with the Silmaril. There can hardly be no doubt that Beren and Lúthien left Arda at nearly the same time, one after another dead by grief and sorrow for the loss of the beloved.

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