Turin, son of Morwen and Hurin.

Born late in F.A.year 464. Died in F.A.499.

Brother to Nienor and Lalaith.

1 Age.

In Turin`s youth in Dor-Lomin, before he was sent of by Morwen, he had a merry friendship with one of his fathers servants Sador.

F.A.465 - 469. Turin`s oldest sister Lalaith were born but she died

F.A.472. Turin, seven years old, was sent forth with two old servants Gethron and Grithnir to Doriath and Menegroth by his mother who was unwilling he should become a slave. Late that year they were found wandering wild in the forest near the borders of Doriath by Beleg.

F.A.473. They reached Menegroth and Thingol received Turin and took him to his own fostering. His mother gave birth to Turin second sister Nienor.

F.A.481. After nine years in Doriath Turin went to war because news from his mother ceased to flow and now the strength of Morgoth closed the passes of Ered Wethrin. He became close friend with Beleg Cuthalion.

F.A.484. After three years Turin, by misfortune, killed Saeros and fled from Doriath. He came to Brethil where he joined a band of outlaws who made their lair in the woods between Sirion and Mindeb in Dimbar.

F.A.487. Here Beleg found him and they were together, for a short while, before Beleg returned to Doriath. Turin and his men met Mîm and was shown his dwelling at Amun Rûdh.

F.A.489. Beleg found him again at Amun Rûdh but they were betrayed by Mim and Turin was captured, his men was slain but Beleg survived though wounded. The Orcs would bring Turin to Morgoth

F.A.490 Turin was rescued by Beleg and Gwindor, unfortunately was Beleg accidentally slain by Turin. Later this year Turin was brought to Nargothrond by Gwindor and here he becomes a great captain during the years 490-495 and he gives out his name as Thuringud the hidden foe, but is called Mormagil "Black sword". In Nargothrond he became much loved by Finduilas the daughter of the king; Orodreth. He convince Orodreth and the council in Nargothrond that they should give up their war of stealth and instead use open battle and he counsels that a bridge crossing Narog should be build.

F.A.495. The people of Nargothrond are defeated in the battle of Tum-Halad by Glaurung and a host of Orcs. Turin now seeks Dor-Lomin and news of his mother and sister.

F.A.496. He comes to Dor-Lomin early in the year but to late to find his mother and sister. He kills Brodda and Orlin, meets Sador again and escapes with Asgon and some few other outlaws to the mountains but he leaves them there and goes to Brethil where he learns the fate of Finduilas. Turin in Brethil now takes the name Turambar; the conqueror of Fate and becomes chief warrior and the Brethil-people gives now no heed of the Haladin Brandir. He saves his sister Nienor ( without knowing she is his sister ) from a band of Orcs and gives her the name Nìniel.

F.A.498. Turin wedded his sister Nienor in autumn without none of them knew they were brother and sister.

F.A.499. Glaurung assails Brethil but is waylaid by Turin and Hunthor and he is killed by Turin. But as Glaurung dies his spell upon both Nienor and Turin is lifted. Nienor commits surcide. Turin hear the sad news from Brandir but will not believe it and he slays Brandir. In agony he seeks Haudh-en-Elleth and sitting here Mablung with his men come by and at last he believes the truth and at the stone who was raised where Nienor jumped into Teiglin he cast himself upon the point of his sword; Gurthang. The Men of Brethil then raised the Talbor to the memory of Niënor and Turin.

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