Son of Tuor and Idril,

Born F.A.year 500 in Gondolin.

Wedded to Elwing Diors-daughter in F.A.525.

Father to Elros and Elrond.

1 Age.

F.A.507. Eärendil escaped the fall of Gondolin with his father and mother. He was sent ahead of the others during the fall of Gondolin under care of Hendor who bore him upon he's shoulders when Tuor came to their aid upon the plain of Tumladen. In his youth in Gondolin Eärendil had much laughter of Salgant who told him tales and at times would play with him.

F.A.508. After the escape from Gondolin he came to Nan-Tathren where he meet Gil-Galad and the refugees from Eglarest, Brithombar and Nargothrond but soon he, his father and mother went to the Mouth of Sirion were they joined with the refugees from Doriath and where he meets Elving and a great love arose between them.

F.A.524. Eärendil`s father an mother departs over the sea into the West. From his mother Eärendil had the Ellesar, the green gem. His first memories of Middle-earth was the green gem upon Idril breast while she was singing for him.

F.A.525. As he grew to manhood he became Lord of the people at the Mouth of Sirion. Eärendil and Elwing is weddet. Eärendil made great journeys about the lands of Beleriand and even to the ruins of Gondolin he came, but the sea longing and for the love of his father and mother he also went on journeys out on the mighty sea in his ship Eärrámë but he does not find them and he is wrecked by Ossë but saved by Ulmo and bidden to build a ship and he builds Vingilot and sets once more sails into the West now also to find Mandos and Valinor. With him is Voronwë and other mariners named Falathar, Erellont, Aerandir.( In Wj. Gelmir and Arminas are told to be with Eärendil on his voyages too.) But Eärendil never found Valinor and longing for Elwing he turns towards the coast of Beleriand.

F.A.528. The twins of Eärendil and Elwing, Elrond and Elros, are born.

F.A.532. One night before he could return a white bird came towards him and fell on deck of Vingilot and in the morning he saw it was Elwing with the Silmaril and he turned again to the West searching for Valinor and maybe because of that jewel they now passed the Enchanted Isles and came to Tol Eressëa and at last the Blessed Land.

F.A.536. In Valinor was Eärendil summoned to the Valar and he spoke before them of his errand; pity for the Noldor and their great sorrow and mercy upon the two kindred's; Elves and Men. But neither he or Elwing could return to the mortal lands and they had to chose under which law they would be judged, Eärendil asked Elwing to choose and she chose the Firstborns law. The ship Vingilot was hallowed and brought to the Door of Night were now the greatest mariner ever sail among the stars with the Silmaril upon his brow and can be seen in morning and evening as Eärendil travels in the ocean of the heavens.

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