Helm of Hador

Dor-lomin`s Dragon helm.

Dragonhead of the North.

The greatest heirloom of the House of Hador.

The helm was wrought by Telchar, a dwarven smith of Nogrod. It was originally made for the dwarven lord of Belegost, Azaghâl, but it became a heirloom in the House of Hador.

The helm had a visor for shielding the wearers eyes, it was made of grey steel adorned with gold and there were graven runes of victory on it, on its crest there was a image of Glaurung, the helm itself guarded from darts and fire and it struck fear in the hearts of its owners enemies.( Even Glaurung himself feared the helm and its aid and power of protection.) When Glaurung met Turin in Nargothrond he taunted Turin saying "For he has not the hardihood to look me in the face openly" Turin in his pride opened the visor and looked into Glaurung`s eyes and fell under his spell.

1 Age.

F.A.260-300. Made by Telchar between these years of the First age. ( It was made soon after Glaurung first time had issued from the gates of Angband ) But Azaghâl gave it to Maedhros and he passed it to Fingon as a gift of remembrance of how he drove Glaurung back to Angband.

F.A.423. The Dragon-helm was a big helm made for dwarven heads and none in Hithlum had the size to wear it except Hador who received it from Fingon together with the lordship of Dor-lomin and so it came into the House of Hador. None of Hador`s descendants used the helm in battle. Galdor, his grandson, died in the swift attack at Eithel Sirion ( pierced in the eye with a arrow which surely wouldn't have happened if he have had the time to use the helm) and his son Hurin said he rather would look upon his enemy with his true face.

Not until the fourth in the line of the House of Hador it became used for actual battle, this was Turin who received it from Thingol to whom Turin's mother Morwen, the wife of Hurin, send it after Turin's departure to Menegroth and Thingol and Melian.