Ered Wethrin.

The Mountains of Shadow.

The great mountain range in 1 and 2 Age who encircled Hithlum, and the sub-domains; Mithrim and Dor-Lomin,. but also Newrast are sundered from West Beleriand by those Mountains to the South. From Helcaraxë in West it is running East to Anfauglith, south to the Narrow Lands and back West to the sea and Mount Taras. From Helcaraxë and South are the mountains called Ered Lomin. Two great spurs; the Mountains of Mithrim stretch North into Hithlum from the Southern pricipies and divides Mithrim from Dor-Lomin and a range yet more West of the Southern Ered Wethrin cuts off Dor-Lomin from Newrast and runs to Cirith Ninniach. The rivers comming from these mountains are Sirion, Malduin, Glithui, Teiglin, Nen Lalaith + three unnamed running into Lake Mithrim and one out of the lake running to Annon-in-Gelydh.