Morgoth = The dark enemy of the world.


Melkor = He who shows his power.

Melkor was the greatest and the first Ainur in Eru Iluvatar`s mind. He was also brother to Manwë. But while all other Ainur were singing to the grace of Eru, Melkor tried to take over the theme of the song. Melkors song twisted and turned the nearby Ainur song and it was growing. Eru then raised his hand in a friendly manner and tried to drag Melkor into the theme again. Melkor, however, resisted. Eru raised his hand again and tried to push Melkor back in, but still Melkor kept on his unharmonious theme, raising it higher and higher. The third time Eru raised both hands and in one accord higher than the sky and deeper than the abyss, he stopped the song and said: "The Ainurs are mighty and amongst them Melkor is the mightiest, but he and all of Ainur will know that I am Iluvatar, and I will show you all what you have done. And for you Melkor, you shall know that there will be no sound which does not come from me, neither can nobody change the song against my will, and he who tries will be my tool in a even more magnificent piece which he will not understand". Melkor was ashamed of himself. It is from this episode that came his secret anger though not yet realized by him. In the beginning he thought he was working for the creation of Arda, but he truly wanted to be master and rule the world.

Valian Years ( V.Y.) 0 - 3450.

Valian Year 0. - 1500. The time of Arda began in the Days before Days, when the Valar descended into Arda. This was the beginning of its being and they laboured for the shaping of the land from its foundation to the tallest towers of air. Melkor, however, coveted and marred all their work, claiming the kingship of Arda, which belonged to Manwë. It must have been in these years that he turned and corrupted Sauron from the service of Aulë.

But Tulkas, the Strong, heard of the war in Arda and came to the aid of the Valar. Melkor fled from his wrath into the void and there was peace for a time while Melkor gathered his strength back.

1500 - 1900. Melkor looking over the Wall of Things and hearing from his spies, of whom Sauron was the greatest, grew hot and angry with the reports of the bliss and joy of earth. In his wrath he summoned to him spirits from afar.

Valian Year 3400 - 3450. When Melkor was ready and in a time of feast and while Tulkas was sleeping, he passed the The wall of the Night and crept into Arda in the North, where the light of the lambs Illuin and Ormal were dim. He thus began the delving and building of a vast fortress deep underneath the Earth, beneath the dark roots of the mountains and he named the stronghold Utumno. He crushed the mighty pillars Ringil and Helkar, whereupon stood the lamps Illuin and Ormal.

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V.Y 3450 - 3500. Melkor ruled Middle-earth with violence. He was not asleep, but watched and laboured, and the evil things that he had perverted walked abroad and the dark forest were haunted by monsters and shapes of dread, save for the times where Oromë hunted there. Not far from the Western shores of Belegaer he made a fortress and armoury named Angband, which was commanded by his lieutenant Sauron. The Western gods made a new dwelling in the uttermost West, where in Valinor was brought forth the two Trees.

Now began the Valian Years of the Trees. ( V.Y.t ) and a new reckoning of time.

In the V.Y.t 0. The two trees Silpion and Laurelin came into being.

V.Y.t.0 - 1000. At the prayer of Yavanna, Varda began the second setting of the stars for the awakening of the Elves. Manwë who took counsel in his heart with Iluvathar, summoned the gods and declared to them his thoughts. The Gods decided to capture Melkor. The Gods went to war and made Melkor captive ( Year 1100 ), uprooted Utumno and brought him to Valinor in the chain Angainor, where he was doomed before the feet of Manwë to serve 3 Valian ages in the fastness of Mandos. But Melkor`s chief leutenant; Sauron was not captured and lay hidden while he continued the evil began by his master.

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V.Y.t.1133. The Elves arrive in Aman.

V.Y.t. 1400. Melkor was released from his imprisonment in the dark halls of Mandos.

V.Y.t.1490. Melkor went to the land of Arvelin outside the Pelori and met Ungoliant.

V.Y.t.1495. Melkor returned to Valmar with Ungoliant and destroyed the two trees Laurelin and Telperion. He steals the Silmarils, slays Finwë and returns to Middle-earth.

V.Y.t.1496 At Melkor`s and Ungoliants arrival to Lammoth, Ungoliant demands her reward, but Melkor will not give her the Silmarils and cries for help. The Balrogs come to his succour and drive Ungoliant away.

The Halls of Melkor ( Angband as they were also named after the destruction of Utumno ) were delved in the North-West of the Outer Lands. In the beginning before the destruction of Utumno, it was the fortress of Melkor`s chief lieutenant Sauron, but when Melkor returned to the Outer Lands from his imprisonment in Aman, he went to Angband and delved anew his vaults and dungeons.

It is told that as Melkors malice and strength of hatred grew, so did his heart fail. With all his knowledge and his might and his many servants Melkor became craven, giving battle only to the weak and trusting ever his slaves and creatures to do his evil work.

V.Y.t.1497. This year Melkor loosened his first assault upon Beleriand and when the first host of Eldar-Elves from Aman arrived at Middle-earth, Fëanor was killed by his fearsome Balrogs.

V.Y.t. 1498. After the battle Dagor-nuir-Giliath, Maedhros was captured through the deceit of Morgoth, and Morgoth hanged him high upon Thangorodrim with a hellwrought steel-band about his right wrist.

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First Age.

The First age is counted from the rising of the Sun. This occured at the very same time Fingolfin and his host arrived in Mithrim after the crossing of the Grinding ice. V.Y.t.1500.

F.A.0. The servants of Melkor fled into Angband before the light of the rising Sun. Unopposed did the host of Fingolfin cross the plains and challenged Melkor and his army, but no one came forth and they withdrew to Mithrim. Years passed and friendship among the foes of Melkor was healed but for the strength of it and for making new allies a great feast was held, Mereth Aderthad, after the first 20 years had passed and the Siege of Angband had begon.

F.A.60. Melkor tested the strength of his army and the awareness of the Elves by suddenly letting Orcs, fire and earthquakes pouring out from the North in the battle of Dagor Aglareb. Although the Orcs were no great match for the Elves of Aman, but Melkor would ever and anon test the Elves, developing new evils and trying to sow disunion among them by spreading lies.

F.A. 260. Glaurung, yet young and unwilling, comes forth from the gates of Angband, but is in the end driven back by Fingon.

F.A.420-422. Morgoth sent out and Orc-raid who came from the East across the mountains down by the Dwarf-Road and they attacked and killed what they could of the Haladin settlements and people. But Haldad gathered all the brave and valiant men of the Haladins in Thargelion and they builded a stockade in the Southern woods of Thargelion in the ancle of river Ascar and Gelion where they gathered women and children trying to defend themselves against the Orcs.

F.A.455. In this fell year Morgoth broke the peace of Beleriand and started the Battle of the Sudden Flame.

F.A.456. Morgoth slew Fingolfin at the gates of Angband. but before Fingolfin died he managed to drive his sword into the foot of Morgoth and thus give him a wound that was never fully healed. When Morgoth was to throw the lifeless body of Fingolfin to his wolves, Thorondor came hurling down from the sky and gave Morgoth grievous wounds in the face before he grabbed Fingolfin and bore him away.

F.A.466. Luthien and Beren enter Angband and come to the throne and Morgoth in the nethermost hall. Luthien dances and sings, and using all of her arts Morgoth falls into slumber and Beren cuts a Silmaril from his crown.

F.A.473. Many scattered people of Beleriand fled to the havens of Brithombar and Eglarest, and the mariners of Cirdan passed up and down the coast and harried the enemy with swift landings. Therefore, Morgoth now having rested his strength, renewed his assault upon Beleriand and went against Cirdan.

F.A.473. Before winter he sent great strength over Hithlum and Newrast. They came down the rivers Brithon and Nenning, and though they were stoutly resisted, they broke through the walls at last and the cities and havens were laid in ruin. The tover Barad Nimras was also cast down. All of Cirdans people were slain or enthralled, save those who went aboard ships and escaped by sea.

F.A. 590. Morgoth is outhrusted from Arda into the Outer Dark.

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It is said that before the last battle Melkor will find a way to break the Doors of Night and destroy Tilion and Arien, and for the love of those will Eonwe seek him out. In that final terrible battle, where Tulkas, Turin and Earendil take part, the world will be utterly broken.

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