Estelmo the esquire of Elendil.

Son of ?.

Born in S.A. year ?. Died in Third age ?.

Father to ?

Probably born in Númenor in the second age and journeyed with Elendil at the Downfall of Númenor to Middle-Earth.

3 Age.

T.A.2. In the Disaster of Gladden Fields Estelmo was one of the three who survived to tell what happened and he was one of the last to fall stunned by a club. He was found alive under Elendur`s body and he heard the words of Elendil and Isildur at their parting. He was found alive by some of Thranduil`s Elves of Mirkwood who came to late to aid in the battle but in time to disturb the Orcs in their mutilation of the dead.

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