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The core of this place is under constant development and will continue to be so, and stuff will be added as fast as possible. If you encounter any problems in the encyclopedia, misleading links and such, or maybe you disagree with anything written here or want to have me looking into something ( Tolkien that is ) feel free to ask. No one is all-knowing but it is refreshing to have new input.

The Annals of Arda were never meant to be, or shall never mean to be, an image gallery, a movie information page, a discussion board or a link collection. Use the links at the bottom of the page, if you are looking for that; They are by no means exhaustive and are only meant as extras.

The Annals of Arda were designed to be a Family Tree / Encyclopedia. In the Encyclopedia / Family Tree, it is possible to find any information about any object, place, name, event and / or relationship. The sources are the books listed below and only with great difficulty can it be pointed out where this or that is found - a line here, another there.

In the building of this Family Tree / Encyclopedia the sources that have been used, or will ever be used, are the published writings of J.R.R.Tolkien and those of his son C. Tolkien. The only exception to this rule is "The Atlas of Middle-earth" by Karen Wynn Fonstad who has made an incredible effort to clarify and describe the soil, the geography, the topography and the evolution of this world. I felt no need to try doing that again. One of the things that convinced me it would be o.k to use her atlas was the index, for I could go back and check the information in the books. Be assured that my personal opinion about matters will always be marked as "I assume / I think / I believe ..". Basically I see myself as only a messenger, and my private thoughts about this or that are insignificant here. If I need to express them, they will be marked as above. This site is concerned with what Tolkien wrote and his thoughts, not mine.

The Annals of Arda and I, would like to thank everybody who, over the years, has been involved in the work of making the stories and tales available to the public and, especially J.R.R.Tolkien for sharing his vision with us. Last, but not least, I would like to say thanks to Izabella from Brazil. She volunteered to correct my English grammar, spelling and word order. Not a small task. Thanks Izabella, for all you did. I am so glad I came to know you, you taught me alot. I would also like to say thanks to Jack from USA. He was doing basically the same as Izabella did. You are both wonderful people and have earned a warm place in my heart.

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Books used to build these pages :

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Books. Shortened to.
The Hobbit. Hob.
Lord of the Ring. LotR.
Silmarillion. Sil.
Book of Lost Tales part 1. Lt1.
Book of Lost Tales part 2. Lt2.
The Lays of Beleriand. Lb.
The Shaping of Middle.Earth. Sme.
The Lost Road and other writings. Lr.
The Return of the Shadow. Rs.
The Treason of Isengard. Ti.
The War of the Ring. Wr.
Sauron Defeated. Sd.
Morgoth`s Ring. Mr.
The War of the Jewels. Wj.
The Peoples of Middle-Earth. Pme.
Letters of Tolkien. Letters.
Atlas of Middle-Earth.  
Children of Hurin. Not used as reference as there is nothing new in it. Its a compilation of older texts already covered.