Battle under Stars


1st. Battle of Beleriand

Valian Years of the Trees 1497

In this year Morgoth made his first assault upon Beleriand, the Orcs had multiplied in the North and and their lord had filled them with hatred and lust for ruin and death and they issued from the gates of Angband in two great armies. One went silently down the Narrow Land and the other through the Pass of Aglon and on a sudden a great army assailed Thingol in Doriath from North, East and West and he was cut off from Cirdan in the Falas. Therefore Thingol called upon Denethor in Ossiriand in the South and the Green-Elves under Denethor came in force from Region and from Ossiriand and the Eastern host of the Orcs were taken between the two armies of the Elves a little South of Estolad and were destroyed. But the victory were dear bought for the Green-Elves of Ossiriand were light-armed and no match for the iron clad Orcs and Denethor was cut off and surrounded upon Amon-Ereb and before Thingol could come to his aid he and his closest kin were slain.

Now the Eastern army of the Orcs were destroyed Thingol could use his force to attack the Northern army in the rear. It had driven Cirdan to the rim of the sea and it was in the uttermost time Thingol could succor the Falas-Elves and facing the united force of Thingol and Cirdan the Orcs were caught between the hammer and anvil and few escaped ahead North and Angband.

But new tidings were at hand that none could have known or foreseen neither Melian or Melkor. In this year while Thingol were battling in the South and Cirdan was hard pressed Fëanor and his sons landed on the shores of Beleriand beneath the feet of the Echoing Mountains, at that place which is called Drengist and they came into the land of Mithrim in Hithlum. There a host of Orcs came down upon them and though the Elves were outnumbered and taken unawares they were soon victorious, for the light of Aman was in their eyes, swift and deadly were their swords and the Elves drove them away with great slaughter, and pursued them into the plains of Ard-Galen. A host of Orcs beleaguering Eglarest and Brithombar came up to their succor but Celegorm had news of them and with a part of the he waylaid them. He came out of the hills near Eithel Sirion and drove the Orcs into the Fen of Serech.

But for Morgoth it was not all in vain for Fëanor and few of his friends advanced too far in front of his people and near the gates of Angband the few remaining Orcs turned to bay and out of Angband came Balrogs to their aid. Soon was Fëanor standing alone surrounded by Balrogs defending the rearguard. He was wrapped in fire but fought undismayed but in length he was mortally wounded by the Balrog-Prince Gothmog and he would have perished there but Maedhros and three other sons of Fëanor came and rescued him and bore him away to Mithrim but there was no hope for Fëanor and before he died he cursed Morgoth thrice. Now Morgoth sent forth a embassy to offer terms of peace and even to surrender one Silmaril but both, Morgoth and Maedhros came with greater force than agreed but Morgoth had the greatest and Maedhros was captured in ambush and brought to Angband and Morgoth hung Maedhros by the wrist of his right hand upon Thangorodrim. Now Fingolfin and his sons had crossed Helcaraxë and when he set food upon Middle-Earth the Moon first rose and when he marched into Mithrim seven days later the Suns first ray stroke Earth and all of the Orcs fled into Angband and the elven host of Fingolfin smote upon the gates of Angband but Fingolfin withdrew his army back to Mithrim. Fingon son of Finarfin went in search of Maedhros for the thought of Maedhros and his torments troubled his heart and also he wanted to heal the unfriendly feelings between the sons of Fëanor and his own house. Fingon found what he sought for while he was playing his harp in dismay he suddenly heard a faint voice calling to him but he could not reach Maedhros, then Maedhros begged him to shoot him with his bow and Fingon seeing no hope was about to and prayed to Manwë to guide the arrow and give some pity for Maedhros and the banished Elves, Manwë did hear Fingon and he sent Thorondor the King of all eagles, he took up Fingon and bore him to Maedhros and Fingon cut of the hand of Maedhros to release him and then Thorondor bore them both back to Mithrim. Now the sons of Fëanor and Fingolfin united there armies and and drove the servants of Morgoth back and they beleaguered Angband from East, West and South and long years of peace and happiness followed and this is the age of the siege of Angband.