The Battle of Tum-Halad

The Fall of Nargothrond

First age 495

Early in the year 495 comes Gelmir and Arminas to Nargothrond from a journey to the Northern Lands with important news of a great mustering of forces in the Narrow Land. These forces were let loose by Morgoth upon an unaware Nargothrond. The Nargothrondians, however, gathered their forces in great haste and went against the approaching forces, meeting the enemy upon the Guarded Plain north of Nargothrond. But the Orc-host was greater than they had thought, despite of Turin`s scouts` information, and an unknown army of Orcs descended upon them without warning. Orcs were mounted upon wolves, and the great worm Glaurung, whose scales were polished like bronze and whose breath was a mingle of fire and smoke, was with them. None but Turin, who was wearing the Dragon-Helm, could withstand the approach of Glaurung. Thus the host of Nargothrond was driven back and pressed by the Orcs into the field of Tum-Halad. They were pinned between Ginglith and Narog. All the men of Nargothrond fell or were taken in that battle, for the foe was without number, and that battle was the most bitter affray since the battle of Unnumbered Tears. Orodreth, the king of Nargothrond, was slain in the forefront of the battle and Gwindor hurt to death. Then Turin came to him and all fled before him; and he lifted Gwindor out of the fight before it was ended and bore him to a shallow near a wood ( Woods of Núath ? ), where he died. But Glaurung went down east of Narog and hastened to Nargothrond with a great number of Orcs. He passed the bridge, and overthrew the Doors of Felagund and entered the caves of Nargothrond. There, in the deep caves of Nargothrond, Glaurung let loose the Orcs, and the hidden caves were ransacked and plundered. The few guards, who were left behind from the battle, were slain and the maidens of the realm were chained and led away as prisoners towards a cruel faith in the depths of Angband.