War of the Wrath

The Great Battle

First age 533-597

In the Terrible Battle that took place in the years 533-543, the Power of the West had already been readying for it. In 547 the host of Eonwë and the sons of the Gods were seen shining upon the sea and the noise of Eonwë`s trumpets rang over the waves. Eonwë summoned all of the Elves and all of the Men from Hithlum to the South, rallying them for the great war that was now to come to Beleriand. The armies rallied and Eonwë drove the Balrogs and the Orcs before him towards the north and to Angband. At Angband there was gathered the whole power of Morgoth and the North was in flame with war. The two hosts were on either side of the river Sirion, but with his host Eonwë crossed the river and utterly destroyed the Balrogs, save for some who had hidden themselves at the root of the earth. The uncounted legions of Orcs perished like straw in a great fire. Then Morgoth, in desperation, loosened the winged Dragons from the pits of Angband. Eonwë and his host were driven back, for the Dragons were like a great roar of thunder and a tempest of fire and their wings were of steel. Now Eärendil came shining like a white flame in the sky, and Thorondor King of all the birds and all the birds of heaven came too. Eärendil slew Ancalagon the Black, the mightiest of the Dragon host. Ancalagon fell down upon Thangorodrim, the great towers of Angband, and they crumbled to the ground beneath his weight. The Dragons were destroyed, except for two who had fled into the East.

Morgoth fled into his deepest mines, but he was dragged out and bound by the chain, Angainor. Eonwë took the two remaining Silmarils, and Morgoth's crown was made into a collar for his neck. The War of Wrath lasted for 50 years, and in the year 597 Eonwë departed and went back to Valinor.