Lord of Belegost.

Son of ?.

Born in First age ?. Died in F.A.472.

Married to ?.

Father to ?.

1 Age.

F.A.260-423 Azaghâl had the Dragon-Helm made for him by Telchar in Nogrod soon after Glaurung first time had issued from the gates of Angband. He gave the Dragon-helm to Maedhros for the sawing of his life when he was waylaid by Orcs upon the Dwarf-road (Ut) Yet there is no further reference to this Orc-raid and precisely what year it occurred.

F.A.455. Azaghâl and his people came to the aid of Maedhros in the East of Beleriand in the Dagor Bragollach ( Battle of Sudden Flame ) and was ever a threat to the flanks of the ravaging bands of Orcs who drove the Elves before them far down into East-Beleriand.

F.A.455-462. During the years after the Battle of Sudden Flame the Eldar recovered some of their land and East Beleriand became free of the roaming bands of Orcs. Thingol had broken the force of Orcs upon the borders of Doriath and those Orcs who retreated north had been stricken by a sortie of Maedhros. Those Orcs trying to escape east was hunted down by the Dwarves and those who went down south ran into the defence on Amun-Ereb by Amrod, Amras and Caranthir or the Elves of Ossiriand.

F.A.468. When Maedhros created the Union of Maedhros the Dwarves of Belegost aided him not only in armed force but also in great stores of weapons.

F.A.472. At midsummer was all ready and the army of the Union of Maedhros arrayed in the east and west. Fingons army was stationed in the hills of Ered Wethrin from Eithel Sirion to the Fen of Serech and Turgons host held the passes of Sirion while Maedhros and his brothers, the Dwarves and the Swarthy Men was in the east. But treachery prevented the victory of the Elves. Last of all the Eastern force to stand was the Longbeards of Belegost. The Dwarves withstood fire more hardily than Men and Elves and the Dwarves were wearing great masks which stood them in good stead against the Dragons and if not for the Dwarves the Noldor would have been all slain. But the Dwarves made a circle around Glaurung and against the blows of their great axes could not even the armor of Glaurung fully stand and Glaurung in his rage turned and crawled over Azaghâl but with his last stroke Azaghâl drove his knife into the belly of Glaurung and so wounded him that he fled the field and his brood in dismay followed him back to Angband. And the Dwarves won great renown in that battle by wounding Glaurung and force him and his brood to retreat and so saved the Noldor from utterly being destroyed.

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