Son of Lenwë. Mother unknown.

Born in V.Y.t. ?. ( Around 1100 ? ) Died V.Y.t.1497.

No records of wife or children.

Valian Years of the Trees.

Denethor was born east of Ered Luin.

V.Y.t. 1350 In these Valian Years of the Trees Orcs and fell beast began to multiply and assail the woodland Elves of Eriador who had no knowledge of weapons and armor of steel but were only armed with light bows. Denethor having heard rumours of the might of Thingol gathered those woodland Elves, as many as he could and those who were willing, and led them across Ered Luin and into Ossiriand. There they dwelt in the land of the seven rivers and became known as the Green-Elves in later days. Thingol welcomed them as kin long lost and there was friendship between the peoples and peace in the lands.

V.Y.t. 1497. Morgoth made his first assault upon Beleriand, Orcs came down from the North upon either side of Dorthonion and Doriath was cut off from both sides. Therefore Thingol called upon Denethor and the orcs were taken between the two hosts of the Elves and were defeated but the victory was dearbought. The Elves of Denethor were light-armed and no match for the Orcs and Denethor was cut off and surrounded upon Amon Ereb and Denethor and all his nearest kin was killed before Thingol could come to his aid.

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