Son of Dior and Nimloth.

Twinbrother to Elured and brother to Elwing.

Born in F.A.year 500. Died in F.A.year 507.

1 Age.

F.A.500. Elured, and Elurin, were born late this year at Lanthir Lamath and were younger brothers to Elwing.

F.A.504. Elured, his brother and sister, father and mother went to Doriath after the death of Thingol and the departure of Melian.

F.A.507. Elurin was with his brother Elured seized by the cruel servants of Celegorm, when the sons of Fëanor attacked Doriath in the Second Kinslaying in search for a Silmaril. Elured and Elurin only 6 years old was set out in the dark forest to starve to death and though Maedhros repented this evil deed and sought for them they were not found. ( Nothing certain is known of their fate but some say that the birds succoured them, and led them to Ossirand.)

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