Elwing the White.

Daughter of Dior and Nimloth.

Born in F.A.year 500. Died in F.A.year 532.

Sister to the twinbrothers Elured and Elurin.

Wedded to Eärendil.

Mother to Elros and Elrond.

1 Age.

F.A.500. Born at Lanthir Lamath in Ossiriand early this year. Late in the year were born her younger twinbrothers

F.A.504.When her father and mother moved to Doriath and Menegroth she came along into that realm in 504.

F.A.507. Elwing succeeded to escape the final destruction of the Kingdom of Doriath in the Second Kinslaying by aid of faithful Elves. With her was brought The Nauglamír with the Silmaril and Aranrúth to the Mouth of Sirion. Most likely she carried the Serpent Ring with her too.

F.A.511. Here she met Eärendil son of Tuor and Idril and great love arose between them. When Eärendil went on his journeys Elwing would often sit by the shore awaiting him in sorrow.

F.A.525 Wedding between Eärendil and Elwing.

F.A.527. The remaining sons of Fëanor; Maedhros, Maglor, Amrod and Amras heard of Elwing and the Silmaril and they first asked to let it be handed over but as it was refused they gathered there men and prepared the attack at the dwelling at the Mouth of Sirion.

F.A.528. Elrond and Elros was born.

F.A.532. The assault of the Third Kinslaying by the sons of Fëanor came. Elros and Elrond was taken captive and Elwing casted herself into the sea with the Silmaril upon her breast. ( As the Silmaril was set in the Nauglamir she took that with her. ) Ulmo bore her out of the waves and gave her the likeness of a great white bird and she flew over the water to seek for Eärendil and death near she collapsed at the very deck of his ship Vingilot.

F.A.536. Eärendil turned the ship West and they came to Valinor where Eärendil spoke to the Valar while Elwing sought out the Teleri at the shore and they befriended her. Because of the Doom of the Eldar and the gift of Men they could not return to the living lands and Elwing was asked by Eärendil to make the choice under which law they should be judged and she chose the Firstborns. A white tower was build for her in the North of Valinor where she could see Eärendil arrive from his journeys beyond the Doors of the Night and she would joyously fly to meet him at his return.

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