Son of Finwë and Indis.

Born in Aman V.Y.t.1190. Died in F.A.456.

Younger brother to Findis but older to Faniel, Finarfin and Írimë. Halfbrother to Fëanor.

Weddet to Anairë. No year given.

Father to Turgon, Fingon and Aredhel.

Fingolfin were the older brother to Finarfin but younger to Fëanor but because Fëanor was child of Finwës first marriage with Mìriel he was only his halfbrother. Thus Fingolfin were the second son of Finwë and first of Indis.

The color of Fingolfin was Blue and Silver.

Valian Years of the Trees.

V.Y.t.1400 - 1490. From the lies of Melkor came whispering to Fëanor that his halfbrothers Fingolfin and Finarfin and their sons were plotting against him to usurp the leadership of the Noldor from Finwë and thus berieff Fëanor from his inheritance but to Fingolfin and Finarfin it was said that soon Fëanor would drive them from Tirion and great unrest grew among the Noldor. Finwë troubled by the rumours called his sons for council and to this came Fingolfin first and spoke to his father but when Fëanor came he misunderstood the situation, thinking his halfbrother was filling their father with lies drew his sword and threatened Fingolfin infront of many of the Elves in Tirion.

Manwë was grieved and he summoned all who had part or knowledge in this and the lies of Melkor was revieled. Fingolfin forgave his brother but even so the Valar doomed Fëanor to leave Tirion for twelve years.

V.Y.t.1495. When Fëanor came to Tirion and spoke harsh and fell words Fingolfin spoke against him and in this both of his sons followed him and wrath nearly came to drawn swords.

V.Y.t.1496. Fingolfin and his sons Fingon, Turgon and the daughter Aredhel and their people left Valinor along with Fëanor and his sons, but not under his command. With Fingolfin were his brother Finarfin and his sister Írimë and his followers. Fingolfin left Aman against his own wisdom for Fingon urged him and he would not be sundered from his own people who were eager to go.

But Fëanor and sons betrayed them when they were to cross Helcaraxë in the ships they stole from the Teleri Elves in the battle of the First Kinslaying at Alqualonde. After this battle Finarfin and many of his people returned to Aman but not Finarfins children who remained with the host.

V.Y.t. 1496 - 1500. Fingolfin, his sons and Finarfins children Finrod, Orodreth, Angrod, Aegnor, Galadriel and all their people were left at the shores of Haerast for Fëanor did not return the ships as supposed to but burned them instead after he and his people had crossed Belegaer. Now Fingolfin and his children and Finarfins children had to walk through Haerast and Oiomurë up to Helcaraxë and cross this icy hell by foot, and here Elenwe, the wife of Turgon, died.

1 Age.

F.A.1. At the arrival to Endor Fingolfin marched right to the gates of Angband but withdraw his forces to Mithrim after his delivery of the challenge because he had heard he would find the sons of Fëanor there and he made his camp on the North-shore of Lake Mithrim.

F.A.7 Fingolfin held Hithlum and the subdomain Mithrim and he was chosen as High-King of the Noldor in Mithrim at the shores of Lake Mithrim. The chief fortress of Fingolfin was Barad Eithel near Eithel Sirion.

F.A.20. Fingolfin called a great council the Mereth Aderthad. and here came Finrod, Maedhros, Maglor, Cirdan and Mablung and Elves from Ossirand.

F.A.60. When Morgoth tempted to pierce the heart of Beleriand ( The Glorious battle.). Fingolfin and Maedhros gathered both Noldor and Sindar and they destroyed all the scattered Orcs and drove the main host into Ard-Galen where it was surrounded and destroyed.

F.A.455. In this fell year Fingolfin and his son Fingon marched from Hithlum to aid Finrod and his sons when Morgoth broke the peace of Beleriand with the Battle of Sudden Flame but they were driven back to the mountains with grievious loss.

F.A.456. Fingolfin beheld, as it seemed to him, the utter ruin of his people, and the defeat beyond redress of all their houses. Therefore he did his silver arms and took his white helm and his sword Ringil and his blue shield set with a star of crystal, and mounting upon Rochallor he rode alone to Angbands gate and challenged Morgoth to come forth and Morgoth came though he was afraid of the duel. Now Morgoth swong his hammer Grond down like a bolt of thunder but each time Fingolfin leaped away and seven times he wounded Morgot with Ringil, but at least Fingolfin grew weary and Morgoth bore down his shild upon him, three times was Fingolfin crushed to his knees and three times he got up again but the last time he stumpled and fell backwards and Morgoth set his foot upon Fingolfins neck and there the High-King of Elves died but with his last strength he stroke Ringil into the foot of Morgoth. Morgoth would have feet his wulfs with Fingolfin but Thorondor, came down and smote his beak into Morgoths face and he bore the dead body of Fingolfin away and laid him on a mountain-top that looked down from the North upon the hidden valley of Gondolin.

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