Born at the shores of Cuiviénien. V.Y.t. 1050. Died V.Y.t.1495.

Wedded to Míriel.

Father to Fëanor with Míriel.

Wedded to his second wife Indis V.Y.t.1185.

Father to Findis, Fingolfin, Faniel, Finarfin and Írimë with Indis.

Finwë is the only name recorded save for his title which was Ñoldóran "King of the Ñoldor"

Valian Years of the Trees.

V.Y.t.1085. Upon one of his rides Oromë`s horse Nahar came upon a strange scent and stood still setting up a great neighing and Oromë heard from afar the sound of singing voices and thus he found the Elves and befriended them.

V.Y.t 1102 The three Elf-lords Finwë, Elwë and Ingwë were brought to Valinor as ambassadors to see the glory and light of the blessed realm.

V.Y.t.1104. Brought back to Cuiviénien. The three Lords counseled their people to journey to Aman and they were chosen among their respectively people to be Kings.

V.Y.t 1105. Preparing of the march

V.Y.t 1115 - 1125. March of the Elves under the guidance of Oromë towards the West.

V.Y.t 1125 - 1132. The trail of the Elves arrived in Beleriand, Ulmo uprooted the Isle of Balar in the Bay of Balar with aid of his servants, moved it to the shores and the Vanyar and Noldor embarked upon it and then they were drawn across Belegaer to Aman.

V.Y.t.1133. The first host of Elves arrived in Aman aided by Ulmo and Ossë. The tales say that the love between Míriel and Finwë began in Aman and that they were wedded in Aman. No precise date is given but Fëanor were born in 1169 so the wedding has to be between 1133-1169.

V.Y.t. 1133 - 1140. Finwë and Ingwë and their people, the Noldor and Vanyar, began in the cleft of Calacirya upon the hill Túna the building of their city Tirion.

V.Y.t.1149. Finwë have had great friendship with Elwë of the Teleri and it was a grief to him they did not reached the shores of Beleriand in time and he persuaded Ulmo to return to Beleriand and Ulmo hearkened to the prayers and went again to Middle-Earth to bring Elwë and his people to Aman if they would come.

Y.Y.t.1169. Fëanor born as the first child of Finwë and first of the second generation of elves

V.Y.t.1219. Finwë`s wife Míriel passed away to Mandos.

V.Y.t.1400 - 1490. Finwë troubled by the rumors concerned the strife between Fëanor, Fingolfin and Finarfin and the unrest in his people called his sons for council and to this came Fingolfin first and spoke to his father but when Fëanor came he misunderstood the situation, thinking his halfbrother was filling their father with lies and he drew his sword and threatened Fingolfin infront of many of the Elves in Tirion.

V.Y.t.1490. Manwë was grieved and he summoned all who had part or knowledge in this and the lies of Melkor was revieled. Fingolfin forgave his brother but even so the Valar banished Fëanor to leave Tirion for twelve years. Fëanor made a new dwelling North of Valinor and called it Formenos and Finwë came with him because of the great love he bore to his firstborn

V.Y.t.1495. This year did Manwë call for the great feast, a praise to Eru the Allfather and a festival for the new season and he also hoped to heal the evil that had arisen in Aman. But Finwë in Formenos would not go while a ban was laying upon his firstborn and he remained in Formenos. But Fëanor was summoned to attend and he left Formenos but did not bring his jewels the Silmarils, these were kept in an iron-locker in Formenos. While most of the house was gone Melkor came to Formenos to steal the Silmarils. Finwë as the only one who did not flee before Melkor was slain guarding the three Silmarils.

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