Daughter of Elwë the Elven-Prince and Melian the Maiar.

Born in V.Y.t. 1200. Died ( first time ) F.A.year 467. Returned F.A.year 469. Died ( second time ) F.A.year 505.

Wedded to Beren.

Mother to Dior.

Valian Year of the Trees.

V.Y.t.1200. Lúthien is the most beautiful child ever. She was born in Neldoreth forest in the first age of the imprisoning of Melkor in Valinor and when she was born "... the white flowers of Niphredil came forth to greet her as stars from the earth" During the long years while Melkor were in Aman no tales tells about the life of Lúthien.

1 Age.

Lúthien married Beren Barahirsson of the human line and for him she gave up her immortality, and took upon her the Doom of Men. The tale of Lúthien begins when Beren exhausted cross the border and comes into the realm of Doriath.

F.A.464. Luthien meets Beren in Neldoreth but escapes him and he wanders lost in the woods.

F.A.465. This spring they meet again, they fall in love and Luthien brings Beren before her father but he scorns him and sends him away upon a quest for a Silmaril in the hope he will be slain. Luthien desires to follow Beren but was held captive by her father in Hirilorn until she escapes and pass into the wild where she was found by Húan, Celegorm and Curufin and is taken to Nargothrond.

She was imprisoned in Nargothrond by Celegorm and Curufin because they wanted her to wed Celegorm. But Luthien escapes with the aid of Húan. Lúthien and Húan comes to Tol-in-Gaurhoth in the uttermost time and rescues Beren. Beren brings Luthien back towards Doriath but they are seized by Celegorm and Curufin near the borders of Doriath. Celegorm tries to ride Beren down while Curufin lifted Luthien to his saddle. But Beren slipped Celegorm's attack and jumped upon Curufin`s horse and threw him to the grown. Now Húan finally forsook the service of Celegorm for he sprang upon Celegorm, who attacked Beren with a spear, so that his horse turned aside and would not approach Beren. Celegorm took his brother stripped of weapons and horse besides him and rode away but as they rode Curufin took Celegorm's bow and shot two darts back at Lúthien. The first was caught by Húan in his mouth and the second smote Beren in his breast and he were sorely wounded.

Now Húan pursued Celegorm and Curufin and they fled in fear. Lúthien tenders Beren and when he is healed he leads Lúthien to her own land and sleeping he leaves her in the care of Húan, but Lúthien and Húan following in the disguise of Thuringwethil and Draugluin and overtook him upon the borders of Anfauglith.

F.A.466. This year did Beren and Lúthien win a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth. Beren was clad in the hame of Draugluin and Lúthien as Thuringwethil and they came to the gates of Angband where Carcharoth was guarding. Lúthien using power of her divine ancestors commanded him to sleep and he felled as one hit by lightning. Lúthien and Beren enters Angband and comes to the throne and Morgoth in the nethermost hall. Lúthien dance and sings and using all of her arts Morgoth fells into slumber and Beren cuts a Silmaril from his crown with the knife Angrist. Beren tries to take one more Silmaril but Angrist snaps and a shard smote the cheek of Morgoth who groans and fear fells upon Lúthien and Beren and they run for the gate but as they reach the gate Carcharoth is awakened and attacks Lúthien.

Beren lifted his hand with the Silmaril to stop him but instead Carcharoth bites of his hand. Beren fell to the ground and the venom of evil was in his blod; behind them was the wrath aroused and Angband wakening but in that hour came Thorondor and two of his vassals swifter than the wind down and lifted up Beren and Lúthien and bore them to the borders of Doriath. Here Lúthien and Húan heals Beren and when he was ready they returned to Menegroth and was lead before the throne of Thingol. Beren knelt before Thingol and asks the reward he was promised but Thingol wants the Silmaril Beren was supposed to give him with his hands and Beren shows him his arm with the missing hand and the missing Silmaril.

When the story was told Thingol was softened and he gave Beren the hand of his daughter and they were married. Now dark tidings came from Mablung that Charcharoth had burst into Doriath from the North and ravaging the realm a great hunt was prepared. Thingol, Mablung, Beleg, Beren and Húan rode forth in the morning. Beren are carried back upon a bier and at the feet of Hirilorn they meet Lúthien, she kiss him and ask him await her in the halls of Mandos before he leaves the world forever and then he dies.

F.A.467. Upon Lúthien now fell darkness and sorrow and grief and she laid her down as a white flower on the grass and her spirit fled from Middle-earth, and she went to Mandos. There she knelt before Mandos and sang to him. This song was the song most fair and sorrowful that ever in words have been woven and the world have ever heard and Mandos was moved to pity who never before was so moved, nor has been since. Mandos goes to Manwë who sought counsel with Eru Iluvatar and a choice was given to Beren and Lúthien. Lúthien could go to Valmar and forget her grief's and sorrow of the world or they could both return to Middle-earth but then she would become mortal and subject to a second death, even as Beren and she would in time leave the world for ever and take upon her the Doom of Men.

F.A.469. This doom she chose, and they were both released and sent back to Endor. The tale of Beren and Lúthien is one of the saddest and yet the most beautiful tales from the old age. They visit Doriath and sadness and sorrow was in Melian for she knew that Lúthien was lost forever for the Elves until the end of time. Beren and Lúthien leaves and goes to Ossiriand and make their home upon Tol Galen.

F.A.470. Dior their son was born.

F.A.503. Melian comes to Tol Galen with the Nauglamir and the Silmaril and Lúthien wears the Silmaril.

F.A.504. The day Lúthien and Beren was no more is not known but the year may have been F.A.504 as this was the year when Dior at night received the Dwarf-necklace with the Silmaril, there can hardly be no doubt they left Arda at nearly the same time, one after another dead by grief and sorrow for the loss of the beloved.

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