Son of ?.

Born in V.Y.t. in Valinor or at Cuiviénien or in Beleriand ?. Died in F.A.503.

1 Age.

In F.A.20 called Fingolfin a great council, the Mereth Aderthad, and here came Finrod, Maedhros, Maglor, Cirdan and Elves from Ossirand. Mablung were sent to this council on behalf of Thingol.

F.A.466. When Carcharoth burst into Doriath Mablung alone of all messengers escaped and brought tidings of Carcharoth`s comming to Thingol. Mablung goes with Thingol, Beleg, Beren and Hùan to the falls of Esgalduin to hunt him. When Carcharoth is slain Mablung cuts from the belly the jewel and hands it to Beren.

F.A.468. Mablung asks for leave to join in the Northern war; Mablung were unwilling to have no part in the great deeds of war against Morgoth and Thingol gave leave to go as long he did not serve any son of Fëanor. Mablung joins with Beleg the host of Fingon.

F.A.472. At midsummer was all ready and the army of the Union arrayed in the East and West. Fingons army was stationed in the hills of Ered Wethrin from Eithel Sirion to the Fen of Serech and Turgons host held the Passes of Sirion while Maglor and his brothers, the Dwarves and the Swarthy Men was in the East. But treachery prevented the victory of the Elves. Yet Mablung survived and returned to Doriath.

F.A.496. Mablung is with a small host sent by Thingol to find Morwen and Nienor who had left Doriath and to be their guardians. They found them at the shores of Sirion but they were unwilling to return but would rather continue to Nargothrond were rumours said Turin might be. They all moved closer to Nargothrond and at Amon Ethir a guard of Elves was as protection sat around them. But Glaurung saw it all and issued from Nargothrond and scattered the guard. He bewitched Nienor and let her stand alone at Amon Ethir. Morwen was lost to Mablung when her horse ran off with her and no tidings about her came to Doriath.

F.A.499. Mablung finds Turin at Haudh-en-Elleth and tells him the true story of Nienor and Morwens search of him and what happened upon Amun Ethir near Nargothrond.

F.A.503. Slayn by the Dwarves of Nogrod infront of the treasuries of Menegroth defending Thingol and the Nauglamir.

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