Maitimo. ( His mother-name meaning "Well-shaped one" )

Oldest son of Fëanor and Nerdanel.

Born in Aman V.Y.t. ? Died in F.A.587.

Brother to Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod and Amras.

Maedros wore a band of copper about his head.

Valian Years of the Trees.

V.Y.t. 1495. Nothing is said of Maedhros or his brothers before the terrible oath they swore upon Tuna in the High Court of the King in Tirion and their betrayel of Fingolfin leaving him and his host stranded near Helcaraxë.

V.Y.t.1497. At the arrival to the shores of Middle-earth he asked his father which ships that should return for Fingolfin but Fëanor demanded all of the ships burned but in this would Maedhros not participate and as the only he stood aside. Maedhros saved his father from the Balrogs upon Ard-galen in the Battle under Stars and brought him back to Mithrim before he died. There, according to the Earliest Tales, Maedhros recieved the Green Stone of Fëanor.

V.Y.1498. He was captured by Morgoth, after the Dagor-nuir-Giliath, Morgoth hanged him high upon Thangorodrim by a hellwrought steel-band about his right wrist.

1 Age.

F.A.5. Fingon found and saved him, with the help of Maedros` singing and the eagle Thorondor, by cutting his hand of.

The sons of Fëanor went eastward from Mithrim and Maedhros took land between Himring and Mount Rerir and that area was called the March of Maedhros. Upon the Hill of Himring in the North of the land Himlad. had Maedros his citadel.

F.A.20. Fingolfin called a great council, the Mereth Aderthad, and here came Finrod, Maglor, Cirdan and Mablung and Elves from Ossirand.

F.A.60. Morgoth tempted to pierce the heart of Beleriand in The Glorious battle. Maedhros and Fingolfin gathered both Noldor and Sindar-Elves and they destroyed all the scattered Orcs and drove the main host into Ard-Galen where it was surrounded and destroyed.

F.A.260-423. Azaghal gave the Dragon-Helm to Maedhros for the sawing of his life when he was waylaid by Orcs upon the Dwarf-road. Yet there is no further refferance to this Orc-raid and precisely what year it occured. Maedhros passed the Dragon-Helm on to Fingon.

F.A.402. Orcs tried to go through the Pass of Aglon but Maedhros and Maglor drew them back with aid of Angrod and Aegnor and the people of Bëor.

F.A.455. In this fell year Morgoth broke the peace of Beleriand and the Battle of Sudden Flame were fought. There came a great army against the March of Maedhros and the sons of Fëanor was overwelmed but Maedros and Maglor held out valiantly upon the hill of Himring and the fortress could not be taken but the Orcs broke through on either side and the hill of Himring was as an island in a roaming sea.

F.A.462. In the years after the battle the Eldar recovered some of the land and now was east Beleriand free of the roaming bands of Orcs. Thingol had broken the force of Orcs upon the borders of Doriath and those who retreated North had been stricken by a sortie of Maedhros. Those Orcs trying to escape east was hunted down by the Dwarves and those who went down South ran into the defence on Amon-Ereb by Amrod, Amras and Caranthir or the Elves of Ossiriand.

F.A.463. This year came the Swarthy men lead by Bor and Ulfang over Ered Luin from Eriador into Lothlann and Maedhros knowing the weakness of the Noldor and Elf-friends made an alliance with these new-come Men and gave them land both in Lothlann north of the march and in the lands south of it. Bor and his sons swore allegiance to Maedhros and Ulfang and his son swore to Caranthir.

F.A.466. On behalf of the brothers Maedhros, as the oldest, sent words to Thingol in Doriath claiming the Silmaril Thingol had recieved from Beren when it was learned but Thingol would not surrender it.

F.A.468. Maedhros began the Union of Maedhros; it seemed for many that Morgoth was not unconqerable because of the deeds of Beren and Luthien. Maedhros gathered all his brethren and all the folk that would follow them. Fingon, his friend prepared for war, the people of Brethil whetted their axes and also Turgon in hidden Gondolin in secret prepared for battle.

F.A.472. At midsummer was all ready and the army of the Union arrayed in the East and West. Fingons army was stationed in the hills of Ered Wethrin from Eithel Sirion to the Fen of Serech and Turgons host held the passes of Sirion while Maglor and his brothers, the Dwarves and the Swarthy Men was in the East. But treachery prevented the victory of the Elves but Maglor slew Uldor the accused in the battle when his treason was discovered. Maedhros and all of his brothers were all wounded but escaped the field towards Mount Dolmed.

F.A. 504-505. Rumours came to the ears of Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod and Amras about the Silmaril Dior had in Doriath and they held council conspirering an assault upon Dior but Maedhros constrained his brothers. A message was sent to Dior demanding the Silmaril but he did not answer.

F.A.506. In this year the Fëanorian brothers became impatient and Celegorm imflamed the brothers and they prepared the assault, gathering arms and their people and they launced their attack upon Dior.

F.A.507. Dior met the onset at the East marches of Doriath and in the battle he was slain but was also Celegorm, Curufin and Caranthir fell too. Yet against the overwelming power of the Noldorin brothers the Elves of Doriath stood no chance and the brothers broke the defence and came to the heart of the new-rised realm. Elured and Elurin was captured but Elwing escaped with the Silmaril. Elured and Elurin was set out in the dark forest to starve to death and though Maedhros repented this evil deed and sought for them they were not found.

F.A.532. Third Kinslaying at the Havens of Sirion.

F.A.587. After the Great Battle where Angband was unroofed and the last two Silmarillis was regained from the crown of Melkor and guarded by Eonwë, Maedhros and Maglor sent a message to Eonwë telling him to give up these jewels and surrender them but Eonwë ansvered that the right to posses the jewels had perished through their deeds and they should go to Aman and await their doom. Maglor desired to submit but Maedhros saw no hope for release and convinced Maglor and they planned how to lay hands of the Silmarillis. At night they in disguise crept to the camp and slew the guards and took the Jewels but the camp was aroused against them but Eonwë forbidded the slaying of Maglor and Maedhros and they fled with the Silmarillis.

The divided the jewels, one to each but the Silmaril burned the hands of Maedhros and he knew the words of Eonwë was true and he had lost his right for the Silmaril and being in anguish and dispear he cast himself and the Silmaril into a chasm filled with fire.

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