Son of ?.

Born in ?. No year or date given. Died in F.A.510.

Father to ?

Noldorian elf of Gondolin

Salgant was leader of the House of the Harp, a battalion of brave warriors in Gondolin but Salgant was a craven and alone of all the people of Gondolin he did not went forth to battle. The people of the Harp was clad in tassels of silver and gold and on their blazonry was shown a silver harp upon a black field. Yet Salgant was not an all evil and corrupted man. It is told that Eärendil had his favor and Earendil was fun of Salgant too. Often had Salgant played with Eärendil and made pipes of wood to him and taught him to play upon them. But Salgant had his dark sides and he was friend with Maeglin and Maeglin had great power of convincing and thus it succeeded Maeglin to win the ears of Salgant.

1 Age.

F.A.510. Turgon had sent Salgant and the folk of the Harp to aid Glorfindel in the battle but Salgant in secret alliance with Maeglin concealed this bidding from his people but of reasons of the battle they brake from Salgant and game before the Kings hall and there they utterly redeemed the cravenhood of their lord with great eagerness. Salgant himself ran and hided but no sure tidings came whether he died hiding or was taken as captive to the halls of Melkor. When Eärendil heard that Salgant was not with the refugees he was sad because Salgant had played with Eärendil and told him tales before the sad day of Gondolin.

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