Born in F.A.year 361. Died in ? ( 455 ?)

Daughter of Boron of the house of Bëor.

Andreth was sister to Boromir.

1 Age.

Is suggested by Tolkien that she probably died when Melkor broke the siege of Angband in the ruinous Battle of Sudden Flame ( F.A.455.), for all the Northern realms where the people of Bëor dwelt was devorstated and conquered by Melkor. but she would then be a very old woman.( 94 ). Andreth was unwed and childless. By the Elves she was called Saelind whitch means Wise-Heart for she was wise in thought and learned in the lore of Men and their histories. She had in her youth long dwelt in the house of Belemir where she had learned the lore and language of the people of Marach from Adanel, the wife of Belemir.

Andreth had a close friendship with Finrod Felagund who often during the long siege of Angband would visit Andreth to converse with her for he found her more willing to impart him in the knowledge of Men than most of the wise among Men were. Andreth was deeply in love with Finrods brother Aegnor, the love was returned but never fulfilled since Aegnor from motives of wisdom departed. But truely he was an equal victim of the tragedy. ( The time of the Birth and dearth of Adanel and Andreth does not correspond with time of their families. Tolkien removed time 90 years back while he wrote the tales where these two women appear.)

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