Aragorn II





Born T.A. year.2931, March 1. Died Fourth Age 120. ( The last year of Third age is 3021. )

Son of Arathorn II. and Gilraen.

Weddet to Arwen Undomiel.

Father to Eldarion.

34 King of Gondor, He is in direct line enheritage to Isildur, Elendils son. Aragorn II ruled in Gondor for 102 years. When Aragorn was 2 years old his mother brought him to Elronds house in Rivendell to live and be fostered there. 3020 T.A. Aragorn II and Arwen Undomiel had a son named Eldarion. The first knowledge of Aragorn II. in the Lord of the Ring is as Trotter in the Prancing Pony in Bree when he was 87 years old.

3 Age.

T.A. 2933. His mother brought him to Imladris where he was fostered by Elrond and given the name Estel to conseal his true enheritage.

T.A.2951. Elrond tells him of his ancestors and his real name. The heirlooms of his are handed over. He meets Arwen and goes out into the world.

T.A. 2956. he meets Gandalf and friendship grows between them.

T.A.2957 - 2980. Aragorn undertakes great journeys far into the east and deep into the south. As the warrior Thorongil he fights in the service of both Thengel and Ecthelion II.

T.A. 2980. He enters Loth-Lorien and meets Arwen again, he gives her the Serpent Ring, they are betrothed to each other at Cerin Amroth.

T.A.3001. Aragorn goes in search of Gollum.

T.A.3009. Aragorn renewed the search for Gollum east of Hithaeglir in the vales of Anduin, in Mirkwood, Rhovanion and at the confines of Mordor.

T.A.3017. Aragorn captures Gollum in the Dead Marshes and brings him to Thranduil.

T.A.3018. ( 06/10.) Aragorn meets Frodo, Sam, Peregrin and Meriadoc at the Prancing Pony in Bree. Aragorn knew some tales of the Hobbits from ancient times when the Shire was still wild ( Rs. p.178 ) It was at the Last Bridge Aragorn found the green Elf-Stone in the mud.

( 15-25/12.) Aragorn recieves the reforged Narsil and names it Andúril.

T.A.3019. ( 02/03.) Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn arrives in Edoras and the Golden Hall where they meet Gríma and Theóden.

( 08/03-09/03 ). Aragorn summoned the Shadow-men to war against Sauron in the dark caverns beneath the mountains of Ered Nimrais, where they had been hiding, restless and awaiting the heir of Isildur. They followed him to the Hill of Erech and the Black Stone where they once had sworn allegiance to Isildur and broken their wov. Aragorn promised them peace and rest if they this time would keep their oath and the Shadow-men followed him.

T.A.3019. Crowned as King of Gondor and officially recieves the name Ellesar

T.A.3020. Aragorn married Arwen, daughter of Elrond and Celebriand at midyears day this year.

T.A.3021. Last year of the Third Age.

4 Age.

Fourth Age 32. ( Third Age counting year 3052 ) ( S.R.1452 ) gave Ellesar the area Westmarch to the Hobbits and it was added to the Shire.

Fourth Age. 120. Aragorn dies after 120 yeas of peaceful ruling. At his side is Arwen who then leaves Gondor and walks to the fading realm of Loth-Lorien where she layes her down to die at Cerin Amroth.

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Additional information.

The name Aragorn supposedly mean Kingly Valour. From a close predecessor of Appendiks A in LoTR a text is written : and his father gave him the name Aragorn, a name used in the House of Chieftains. But Ivorwen at his naming stood by, and said "Kingly Valour" ( for so that name is interpreted ): that he shall have, but I see on his breat a green stone, and from that his true name shall come and his chief renown: for he shal be a healer and a renewer.´ Those that stood by did not know what Ivorwen meant for there was no green stone to be seen by other eyes.

The green stone the wise Ivorwen could see were indeed the Ellesar later given to Aragorn by Galadriel and Aragorn years later recieved the name Ellesar.