Fourth Lord of Ladros in Dorthonion (1 House)

Born F.A.year 402. Died in F.A.460.

Second son of Bregor.

Brother to Bregolas and Bregil.

Wedded to Emeldir.

Father of Beren ( Beren One-Hand.)

1 Age.

F.A.455. In the Battle of the Sudden flame Barahir`s older brother was slain and he now became the right Lord of Ladros. But Barahir was fighting more westward and he saved Finrod Felagund from his death and for this deed he received Finrod`s ring and his eternal friendship for himself and his house.

F.A.456 - 460. In these years withdrew Barahir and his outlaws to Dorthonion and made their lair near the waters of Tarn Aeluin and Morgoth could not discover it. But the rumor of their deeds went far and wide and he therefore commanded Sauron to find and destroy them. Sauron succeeded in this by the treason of Gorlim Angrimson, one of Barahir`s twelve men in Dorthonion. The Orcs came in the still hours before the morning and slew them all, save Beren, Barahir`s son who was out spying alone. The Orcs cut off Barahir`s hand with the Serpent Ring as proof for the killing of Barahir but Beren returning found his father and his men slain buried them by the shore of the lake Tarn Aeluin. He persuaded the Orcs and killed them one by one and took back his fathers ring.

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