Son of Handir and Beldis.

Born in F.A.? died in F.A.499.

Brandir was of a gentle mood and lame from childhood but he had skills in healing which he used in tendering Turin and later Nienor.

1 Age.

F.A.495. Brandir was chosen Chieftain ( Haladin ), though many would have preferred his cousins Hunthor or Hardang.

F.A.495-496. Late in 495 or early 496 came Turin to the lair of Brandir and his men.

F.A.496. Nienor was found by Turin and brought to Brandir.

F.A.497. Brandir loved Nienor but his love was not returned, Nienor loved Turin. Brandir ruled his people by using secrecy and for this he was scorned by Dorlas, a man among his people, and Brandir was shamed because he was unable to play the part of the heir of Haleth.

F.A.498. This year was Nienor and Turin wedded to the grief of Brandir.

F.A.499. When Turin asked for aid to meet Glaurung near Nen Girith Brandir renounced his Lordship of his people due to the shame and scorning of him not being able to act as leader in battle. Turin then was followed by Dorlas and Hunthor. Nienor would not wait for the outfall of the battle with Glaurung and followed Turin, Dorlas and Hunthor. Brandir, for the love of Nienor despite his handicap, girded himself with a sword and went after but being lame he fell far behind her. After Glaurung was killed by Turin and him lying unconscious, Nienor came to Glaurung who with his last words told her the truth about her and Turin and the spell of darkness was lifted from her mind and she remembered all her life and days. With horror and anguish she ran from the spot towards Cabed-en-Aras and as she reach the brink she casted herself over and was lost in the wild water. Brandir, who had followed her, had come just in time to hear the words and truth about Turin and Nienor being brother and sister but he was not able to stop Nienor. When Turin woke up Brandir mad of sorrow of the death of Nienor cursed Turin and spoke to Turin the truth. Then Turin unrightfully slew Brandir.

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