The Unhappy.

Son of Angrim.

Born in F.A.year ?. Died in 460

Gorlim was married to Eilinel.

Father to ?.

1 Age.

F.A.455. Gorlim fought and survived the Battle of the Sudden flame and afterwards he went with Barahir to Dorthonion were he became one of the twelve men of Barahir. They made their lair near the waters of Tarn-Aeluin.

F.A.456 - 460. During these years they did many deeds of valour and they made Dorthonion a dangerous place for the servants of Morgoth. The rumor of their deeds went far and wide and Morgoth commanded Sauron to find and destroy them.

F.A.460. Gorlim was wearing of toil and flight and he sorely missed his wife so one night he turned to his home. But Sauron had been there before him to track Barahir on the command of Morgoth and he captured Gorlim. But Gorlim would not tell anything until they offered him reunion and freedom with his wife if he would tell the dwelling of Barahir. With that offer, and standing before the eyes of Sauron, he could not withstand and told all he knew. Indeed he was united with his wife for she was dead and Sauron cruelly put Gorlim to death. The treason of Gorlim caused the death of Barahir and his men save Beren only.

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