The Goldenhaired.

Son of Hathol.

Born in F.A.year 390. Died in 455.

Wedded to ?.

Father to Galdor, Gundor and Glóredhel.

Brother to Adanel.

1 Age.

F.A.390. Hador born in Eriador.

F.A.415. Birth of his daughter in Eriador.

F.A.417. Birth of his son Galdor in Eriador.

F.A.418-419. It is stated from the accounts of his sons that Hador with great companies crossed Ered Lindon and came into Ossiriand between these years.

F.A.419. Birth of his son Gundor in Beleriand.

F.A.423. The people of Hador entered Dor-Lómin. this year. Hador became the first lord of Dor-Lomin. He received the lordship together with the Dragon-Helm from Fingon.

F.A.455. Hador, 66 years old, fell defending his lord, Fingolfin, at Eithel Sirion in the Battle of Sudden Flame.

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