Daughter of Halmir of the Haladins.

Born in F.A.year 419. Died in ?.

Sister to Haldir, Hundar and Hiril.

Wedded to Galdor of the 3 House.

Mother to Hurin and Huor.

1 Age.

F.A.436. Wedded to Galdor the son of Hador at a double wedding where also Haldir, her brother, were wedded to Glóredhel the sister of Galdor.

F.A.440. Huor their first child is born.

F.A.441. Hurin their son was born.

F.A.462. This year Morgoth resolved to send forces against Hithlum. The assault was bitter, but it was repelled from the passes of Ered Wethrin and the fortress of Eithel Sirion but Galdor who held it on behalf of Fingon was slain.