Daughter of Baragund.

Born in F.A.year 445. Died in 501.

Wedded to Hurin.

Mother to Turin, Nienor and Lalaith.

1 Age.

Morwen Eledwen or Morwen Elfsheen the fairest of all mortal maidens.

F.A.456-457. In these years during the Battle of Sudden Flame, did Emeldir, whose mind was rather to fight besides her husband, gather all the women and children who would follow her and gave weapons to those who would bear them. She lead them into the southern Ered Wethrin and by perilous paths and with great loss they at last came to Brethil were they were received by the people here and some wandered into Dorlómin and were received there and among those were Morwen and Rian.

F.A.464. Wedded to Hurin the Steadfast in the spring this year.

F.A.472. Morwen send Turin of to Doriath with Gethron and Grithnir; two of her servants as guides.

F.A.494. Morwen and Nienor fled from Hithlum because Lorgan had heard of Nienor`s beauty and was eager to wed her if needed by force. Morwen trusted the local chieftain Brodda who was wed to Airin a kinswoman of her and she asked him to guard her flocks and property. Morwen and Nienor went to Doriath to seek for Turin but he was not there.

F.A.496. Morwen left this year Doriath alone against the counsel of Melian to find Nargothrond were rumors said Turin might be and Thingol sent Mablung with several Elves to find her but among them was Nienor under cover. They found her at the shores of Sirion but she would not return. They all moved closer to Nargothrond and at Amon Ethir a guard of Elves was as protection sat around them. But Glaurung saw it all and issued from Nargothrond which he had conquered and he scattered the guard. He bewitched Nienor and let her stand alone at Amon Ethir. Morwen was lost to Mablung when her horse ran off with her and no tidings about her came to Doriath.

F.A.496-501. Where she went or how she stayed alive in the wilderness for 5 years are not known until she at last meet Hurin at the Talbor near Cabed Naeramarth where she died.

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