Niënor = Mourning.



Daughter of Morwen and Hurin.

Sister to Turin and Lalaith.

Born in First age year 473. Died in 499.

1 Age.

Niënor was the younger sister to Turin and Lalaith.

F.A.494. Lorgan had heard of her beauty and desired to wed her but Niënor and Morwen fled from Hithlum. They escaped to Doriath to seek news of Turin but he was not there.

F.A.496. They traveled to Nargothrond where Niënor was bewitched by Glaurung who let her stand alone at Amon Ethir. The spell caused her to loose her memory. Mablung finds her there and with three of his men they will bring her back to Doriath but they are attacked by a rowing band of Orcs. Niënor runs off and are lost. The same year comes Niënor to Brethil ( found by Turin who does not recognize her ) and is called Nìniel.

F.A.498. In the autumn she weds her brother Turin without none of them knew they were brother and sister.

F.A.499. When Glaurung dies his spell is lifted and Niënor casted herself into the waterfall Nen-Girith. The people of Brethil raises the Talbor over Niënor and Turin to their memory.