Daughter of Belegund.

Born F.A.year 450. Died F.A.472.

Wedded to Huor.

Mother to Tuor.

1 Age.

F.A.456-457. In these years during the Battle of Sudden Flame, did Emeldir, whose mind was rather to fight besides her husband, gather all the women and children who would follow her and gave weapons to those who would bear them. She lead them into the southern Ered Wethrin and by perilous paths and with great loss they at last came to Brethil were they were received by the people here and some wandered into Dorlómin and were received there and among those were Morwen and Rían.

F.A.472. Rían weds Huor in the early spring this year. Huor and Rian had been wed for two month when the summons came for mustering of the host before the Nirnaeth Arnediad. She gave birth to Tuor in the wild after the death of Huor, on her way to Hill of Slain (Amon Dengin) where she laid herself down to died of grief and sorrow for the loss of Huor in the Nirnaeth Arnediad.

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