Sador the Woodwright.

Son of ?.

Born in F.A.year ? ( Around 430 ? ) Died in F.A.496.

Father to ?.

1 Age.

F.A.472. Sador lived under the shelter of Morwen and Hurin in Dor-Lomin but was old and lame. He had lost his foot in an accident while chopping wood with an axe long ago in the woods. Labadal was a nickname given to him by Turin when he was just a little boy, it is translated as Hopafoot. Turin had great love for Sador and had once given him his knife as a gift and often he would go and talk with Sador about anything.

F.A.496. Turin met Sador again when he came back to Dor-Lomin and Brodda`s hall after Morwen had departed and Brodda had enthralled her servants and stolen her property but Sador had not become one of his thralls, he had gone begging instead. Sador was deadly wounded in the fight that arose in Brodda`s hall after Turin had slain Brodda.