Son of Rian and Huor.

Born in First age year 472. Died in ( Departed over the sea ) 524.

Wedded to Idril.

Father to Eärendil.

1 Age.

When Rian learned of the disaster that befell in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears she, of grief and sorrow of the loss of her husband, decided she would not live any longer and began the long walk towards the Hill of Slain. Before she reached her destination she gave birth, in the wild, to Tuor. But her will to die could not be changed despite the birth of Tuor and he was taken to nurture by the Grey-Elves in Mithrim.

F.A.472. Tuor`s fosterfather among the Elves was Annael of the Grey-Elves in Mithrim who lived in the caves called Androth, in the hills of Mithrim, and he lived with them until he was sixteen years.

F.A.488. When their life in Mithrim became to dangerous Annael decided they should escape South to the havens Eglarest and Brithombar but they were assaulted on their way and Tuor was taken captive and brought to Lorgan who enthralled him.

F.A.491. After three years of thralldom Tuor escaped and came back to caves of Androth and was remained there for four years in solitude. In these four years he became feared for often he went abroad and slew many of the easterlings he came upon but all the time he searched for Annon-in Gelydh, the Gate of the Noldor, a secret pass Annael long ago had spoken of.

F.A.495. This year he came upon Gelmir and Arminas who showed him to the entrance and finally he came through Annon-in-Gelydh to Cirith Ninniach and into Newrast and at length to Turgons old castle Vinyamar which was abandoned long ago. But at the bidding of Ulmo Turgon had, before they left that castle, set a suit of a warrior upon the wall, that in time Turgon could recognize a messenger from Ulmo, and Tuor found that suit and was bidden by Ulmo to search for Turgon and bring him a message from Ulmo. And Ulmo provided Tuor with a sailor named Voronwë he saved from a shipwreck at the coast. Voronwë came from Gondolin and by the will of Ulmo he would lead Tuor to Turgon and Gondolin

F.A.496. In the spring this year they came through the woods of Núath and to the Pools of Ivrin and at last they reach the Encircling Mountains and the Secret Escape and came to Gondolin through the Seven Gates.

F.A.496-502. The tales tells that after Tuor had spend some years in Gondolin the Elves and Turgon came to love him for his courage of body and soul and his skills of crafts. Turgon caused his most cunning smiths to make a suit of armor for Tuor and this was made of Dwarven steel. This replaced the one Tuor found in Vinyamar. It might be thought the great axe Dramborleg was made for Tuor at the same time as this new armor. Following the tale the armor ( and possibly the axe ) was made before the wedding of Tuor and Idril.

F.A.502. Tuor wedded Idril Elven-daughter of Turgon and Elenwë of the Noldor House in Gondolin.

F.A.503. From Tuor and Idril came the hope of the two kindred, their son Eärendil was born.

F.A.510. Tuor, Idril and Eärendil with other refugees escapes the fall of Gondolin. At this time Tuor is 38 years old.

F.A.511. After a year of wandering in the wild they came to Nan-Tathren where they met the remaining Elves of Beleriand, refugees from the sack of Brithombar, Eglarest and Nargothrond. Later this year Tuor, Idril and Eärendil went to the Mouth of Sirion where they joined their people to the company following Elwing Dior`s daughter and the refugees from Doriath.

F.A.511 - 525. Here at the shores of the Great Belegaer love arose between the son of Tuor and Idril, Eärendil and Elwing the daughter of Dior and Nimloth. Cirdan and his Elves lives at the Isle of Balar.

F.A.525. Age, the sea and the conches of Ulmo calls Tuor louder and louder until he and Idril one day sets sail into the sunset in Tuor`s boat Eärrámë and not came back. But it is sung that alone of all mortal Men Tuor was numbered among the Eldar race, whom he loved and his fate is sundered from the fate of Men.

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