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Danish Tolkien.

The Danish Tolkien society. English and Danish version available.



Copenhagen Tolkien society. In Danish.


A Tolkien Timeline.

This is a wonderful and useful Timeline of the Lord of the Rings made in Flash. Follow each of the members of the Fellowship in their Quest for the Ring. Language is Danish but can easily be used without knowledge of the Danish language.


The Tolkien Ensemble.

"... I find this the most interesting and exiting work. It reveals a close sympathy with the original work and a remarkable ability to vary the music not only in relation to the different styles and moods of the poems but also in relation to the different characters from whom the poems come."

The musical adviser
of the Tolkien Estate,
January 1997


A specialized page concerned the Dwarves, beautyful setup, cool, clear and precisely in its expression. Great place for all those Dwarves. Written in English.

Tolkien International.

Natso Tolkieno

The largest Norwegian Tolkien site

The Tolkien society.

The English Tolkien society. The one, the mother.


German Tolkien website with Hobbit news.

This page is meant to contain infmormation and discussions about all the characters from J.R.R.Tolkiens novels. Both those who lived/live in Middle-earth and who lived/live in the rest of Tolkiens Arda.


The center of the Israeli Tolkien community - Translations, fan art, important discussions from the Israeli on-line forum and information about the events and meetings of the Israeli Tolkien society.


the main Hebrew resource site about Tolkien. Including interactive maps, Articles, A lot of translations to Hebrew, Interviews and other important data to the Israeli Tolkien fan.


Encyclopedia of Arda.

Amazing. A must for all Tolkien.


Les Annales de Valinor.

French Tolkien Encyclopedia projekt.


My Precious Rings is a partnership between LineDesign Jewelry and Fusion Group. LineDesign Jewelry has been in the jewelry business for 25 Years, manufacturing and selling rings and earings to jewelry stores and resellers across the country.


Lord of the Rings Fanatics Site - For & By Tolkien Fanatics
Guided Tours of Middle-Earth, 111-Question-Quiz, Art Collections, Creative and Product Specials, Sound clips, Merchandise Shop, Time Lines, Forum, Community and much more...


ValarGuild Encyclopedia.

Tolkien Encyclopedia, a project of the Valar Guild for all Tolkien fans! May you enjoy both reading and contributing. Post your own entry!


The Council of Elrond, a Lord of the Rings fansite. All in one. News, images, histories, languages, forums, and lots more!


'Tolkien Entmoot'. Aside from being another Tolkien site, they work very hard to foster good will and traffic between all Tolkien sites on the net. The more Tolkien they can deliver to their members and fans, the better they like it.


The Mithrandir Index hopes to become the largest index of Tolkien-related sites of all types on the web! To do this, they need your help. If you have a Tolkien site, submit it to the index. So do your part to make the Mithrandir Index a comprehensive listing of Tolkien sites on the web!


"The Lord of the Rings - it's not an obsession - it's a state of mind"

So says the owner of Círíth Ennor and is it not true ?



One of the largest archives for J.R.R. Tolkien information

If you have the feel for it you may rate the Annals of Arda there.


Spanish Tolkien page.


This site is an investigation into the fusion between legend and history, myth and reality... an investigation into the wisdom of the Lord of the Rings.


A gathering of the clans of Middleearth.


German Tolkien portal. Huge and with tons of stuff.


French site in French. For the moment mainly concerned about the maps.


Whithywindle Books. An independent, online bookstore specializing in new, used and rare fantazy, sci-fi and horror books. J.R.R.Tolien books our speciality!!


A site for all Middle-earth enthusiasts! With ranking kingdoms, quizzes, timelines, maps and of course the forums themselves. Register today for free!



An introduction to JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, and his lesser-known works. Includes biographical information, essays on Tolkien's books, and character studies.

Tolkien Webrings.

Lord of the Ring webring.


The Lord of the Rings community forums, Middle Earth encyclopedia, multimedia, links and merchandise.




What this place is and why it is there ? he can tell it yourself when you arrive You won`t be disappointed.


A site that is dedicated to Tolkien's maps, you can find info concerning the maps.


cool site. If you need more info than i have look at this place, the chance you will find it here is great, this is definetly for Tolkien enthusiasts.


Lord of the Rings fan club.


The Lore book of the High Elven Tongue.

Do you want to learn the language of the Elves ? well here it is :) great place to find the word or phrase you need. A must for Tolkien fans.


Tolkiens Haven.



This site is basically designed for Lord of the Rings fans. It has an Elvish dictionary, and LOTR facts and more will be added.


Lord of the Rings Caption Page.

The Caption Page concentrates on collecting captions from all over the internet. It has over 500 captioned pictures. It offers you the possibility of submitting captions via e-mail.


A wonderful Lord of the Rings site filled with Pictures, Quotes, Adoptables, Banners, Music Lyrics and music and much more.


The Official moviesite.



The ValarGuild.

The Valar-Guild is a play and discussion group of people all around the world who enjoy to play online games and discuss Tolkien and Tolkien related stuff. Weekly meetings, chats, forums and fun. Supported games : Diablo, Warcraft, Everquest, Neverwinter nights, Dark age of Camelot.



Tolkiengames.com is a site devoted to the games created from and inspired by Tolkien's Middle Earth. A huge database of games dating back to the early eightees. The site features Middle Earth inspired maps and mods to many games, previews of upcoming games, news, chat, forums, and contests. Make your own RPG game (software provided) in the vein of Middle Earth. Join the Experience of Middle Earth.


The Middle Earthian Society is a non-profit organization formed around the Middle Earthian-California theory. What this theory states is that Middle Earth once existed 30,000 years ago in what is now the state of California.


The site of the German Middle-Earth Play-by-email game. Contact the GMs, join the game, or simply discuss Middle-Earth and Tolkien -related stuff in the chat room and forum. Includes links to other Tolkien-related sites.


Dark Age Europe Meets Tolkien's Middle Earth In An Action-Packed National LIVE Action Battle Game.



RPG and Tabel top games


Tolkien's Middle-earth battles, miniature war-games from The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit.

J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit describe battles that make terrific war-games. Here are five scenarios for miniature war-games in Middle-earth.



Other related Links.

Galadriels Mirror and the Ringquest. If you enjoy those family-friendly wonderful pages.The fun is all there! In addition to the competition itself, they have a lot of games and activities, and various other awards and contests you can participate and win in.


Mithril Miniatures

Mithrill figurines


Middle Earth Flies. Celebrating the art of fly tying with tales of fishing
in J.R.R. Tolkiens Middle Earth.


Sideshow Toy / Weta collectibles.

Selling figurines, busts and helmets based on the upcoming film trilogy, "The Lord of the Rings." + many others


Lord of the Rings Official store.


Wandering Fire Pottery & Tile Works.

This site presents a stunningly beautiful line of tiles. Hand carved, hand pressed (in Arts & Crafts Style as Tolkien would approve) Porcelain Art Tiles.


Embroideries and wallhangings inspired by Middle Earth by Amanda Perkins, an English textile artist. Her work is inspired by the British Landscape, Mythology and History.


A J.R.R. Tolkien inspired art work gallery featuring beautiful gouache paintings (available as signed art prints) of characters from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, as envisioned by Canadian mystical fantasy artist Kim Benson.


Now you can follow in the footsteps of Britain's most prominent authors and explore the locations, buildings and countryside that helped shape their great literary minds.Authatrail offer literary audio tours, with comprehensive sound track and maps to guide you through the landscapes and cities.


Folklore and Mythology.

A Folklore & Mythology Encyclopedia.


Moonway; an Russian page into Tolkien and other fantasy worlds. Unfortunately i can not read Russian ( English edition is expected in 2002 ) but even so the layout is wonderful and the images speaks for themselves.


Browns Cutlery.

Officially licensed reproduction swords from the movie "The Lord of the Rings"



A myth close to Tolkien. This work dates back to the early seventies of the last century, and has connections to Lord of the Rings in size, scope and style. All the illustrations and maps by the Author, some in the gallery at the site, sample chapter and information also. The characters of Varlar predate the third age. They dwell far to the east of Middle earth.