Mereth Aderthad

In the First age in the year 20, in the spring, called Fingolfin a great council and made a great feast, that was long after known as Mereth Aderthad; the Feast of Reuniting. It was held near the pools of Ivrin for there the land was green and fair at the feet of the mountains. Many of the chieftains and people of Fingolfin and Finrod and the sons of Fëanor, Maedhros and Maglor with warriors of the March, and Cirdan with folks of the havens and a great concourse of Grey-elves from woods and fields far and near, and even from Ossiriand there came some of the Nandor. But Thingol did not come but Mablung and Daeron was sent as messengers with greetings. Many counsels were taken in good will, and oaths were sworn of league and friendship and there was much mirth and good hope.

It must be thought that here at this feast was the unfriendliness between the house of Fëanor and of Fingolfin finally laid to rest and the overlordship of Fingolfin was recognized not only in words but also in mind. Fingolfin was 15 years earlier chosen as high-king of the Noldor but only Maedhros at that time fully in mind and words agreed in this.

It must also be thought that the bonds between all the Elves was strengthened at this feast, for the future and that the first stone of the beleaguering of Angband was planned here.