Thorndor / Sorontur ( Tlr )

King of the eagles. ( Sil )

The Eagles had their aeries in the Echoriath. In F.A.456 Morgoth would have feet his wolfs with the dead body of Fingolfin but Thorondor, came down and smote his beak into Morgoth`s face and he bore Fingolfin away and laid him on a mountain-top that looked down from the North upon the hidden valley of Gondolin. In F.A.458 brought Thorondor Hurin and Huor to Gondolin. And as they came they departed for Thorondor once again at the asking of Turgon sent eagles to bring Hurin and Huor to Dor-Lòmin. In F.A.466 brought Thorondor and two of his vassals Beren and Luthien from the gates of Angband where Beren was hard wounded by Charcharoth to the Borders of Doriath through thunderbolts and lightning.

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