Built in the Valian Years of the Trees 1133-1140

Existed in the Valian Years of the Trees, First age and Second age. Was moved outside the world in the end of the Second age due to the downfall of Númenor.

The city of the Elves of Noldor and Vanyar in Aman, build upon the crown of the green hill Tuna in the pass, Calacirya between the great walls of the Pelóri-mountains. In Tirion is the tower of Ingwë Mindon-Eldaliéva.

Valian Years of the Trees.

V.Y.t.1133. The Elves began building the city.

V.Y.t.1140. Tirion was fullwrought this year and the tower of Ingwë was built.

V.Y.t.1165. The last of the Vanyar departed from Tirion and now only the Noldor was left in the city.

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