Dorthonion was raised during the War of the Gods in V.Y.dt.1990 - 2000.

Dorthonion was a highland stretching 160 Miles from the Narrow Land in the west to the Pass of Aglon in the east. From north and the plain of Anfauglith it slowly raised to a high plateau until it in the south fell with step cliffs, the Ered Gorgoroth, to Nan-Dungortheb. It was from the northern and more gentle hills claded with pine forest ( Taur-nu-Fuin.) and mountains Angrod and Aegnor kept watch over Anfauglith and Morgoth. In the South-Western corner, the most unfriendly and rocky part of Dorthonion, Turgon found the hidden valley Tumladen and it were also here the heights of Crissaegrim were. In the North-Eastern of Dorthonion was the land granted to Bëor and his people; Ladros. In the lover lying areas north west of Dorthonion was the well of river Rivil and close to Ladros in north-east were the lake Tarn-Aeluin. From the south eastern Dorthonion ran the Pass of Anach into Nan-Dungortheb and Dimbar. The highest areas of Dorthonion was high enough to still be standing above the waters of Belegaer as the island Tol Fuin after the War of Wrath which ended the First Age

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