Ondolinde. ( The Rock of Music of Water.)



City of Stone.

The Stone of Song and Gwarestrin.

Tower of Guard.

Gar Thurion. ( The secret place.)

City of Dwellers in Stone.

The city with seven names; ( And then yet some :) Founded in F.A.64, fullwrought in F.A.116 (Wj) Sacked and destroid in F.A.510. Build upon Amon Gwareth, the hill of Watch by Turgon, Noldor Prince, son of Fingolfin and brother to Fingon and Aredhel. Turgon discovered by guidance of Ulmo the hidden vale Tumladen 51 years after the first rising of the Sun., East of the upper rivers of Sirion in Beleriand in a ring of mountains tall and sheer, the Echoriath; the Encircling mountains where the eagles had their abode in the heights of Christhorn.( Sil.), and no living thing came save the eagles. The only entrance to the green valley amidst the mountains was a deep way, the stony bed of the Dry River renamed to the Secret Escape, under the mountains carved by water thus the valley had in ancient times been a lake.

Gondolin stands fair to see and very clear, and its midmost tower prick the heavens above the plains. The winding stairways climbed up to the city gate at the Westward side below the battlements and towers and glistering pinnacles which could be reach by stairs of stone and marble, bordered by slender balustrades cooled by threadlike waterfalls seeking the plain from the fountains of Amon Gwareth. The streets og Gondolin were paved with stone and wide,kerbed with marble, and fair houses and courts amid gardens of bright flowers were set about the ways, and many towers of great slenderness and beauty builded of white marble and carved most marvellously rose to the heaven. Squares there were lit with fountains and the home of birds that sang amid the branches of their aged trees, but of all these the greatest was that place where stood the Kings palace and near that Gar-Ainion. and the Place of the Well( Lt2.) At the North side of the city and Amon-Gwareth is Caragdur.

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