Originally made as a dwelling for and by the Petty-Dwarves but of some reason abandoned and later occupied and enlarged and completed by Finrod. The Petty-Dwarves called the caves Nulukkizdin. Finrod was inspired by the halls of Menegroth and he learned of the caves East of Narog and South of Ringwil in the Wall of Andram by Thingol in F.A.52 and he employed the Dwarves in Ered Luin to widen the caves. Before the Doors of Finrod was a great terrace and below the terrace ran Narog in a gorge through the Wall of Andram. 3 Miles East of Nargothrond upon the plain Taleth Dirnen was raised Amon Ethir. Fullwrougt in F.A.102 ( Wj ) In F.A.487 persuaded Turin Orodreth to build a mighty bridge from the terrace across Narog. Before this bridge was build the way into Nargothrond was over Ringwil where a slender bridge was made. Sacked in F.A.495 by Glaurung and a host of Orcs comming from Angband over Hithlum and Ered Wethrin.

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