Torrent is the translated and used human name for Narog

River Narog in West Beleriand. Narog came from Eithel Ivrin in Ered Wethrin South of Dor-Lomin but before it became a river the water from the mountains had carved the Pools of Ivrin at the treeclad foothills where the Forest of Núath ended in the East. Narog curved slightly East and then back West and ran South following the eaves of Núath 40 Miles until the forest bend away to the West but Narog continued South bordering Tum-Halad for 50-60 Miles to the West and Taleth-Dirnen to the East. Now 100 Miles from Eithel Ivrin came Ginglith the greatest tributary to Narog from West and joined it before Narog changed its course to South South-East and ran 25 miles before it reached the Western end of Wall of Andram and the second tributary Ringwil there. In the Wall of Andram Narog had carven deep gorges where it swiftly ran. In the angle South and East where Ringwil and Narog met passed Narog the terraces and caves of Nargothrond. 30 Miles through the gorges before the river had passed Andram and came out on the other side now following the eaves of Taur-en-Faroth for 60 miles until Narog made a great curve South-East and ran 80 miles into Nan-Tathren and joined Sirion.

From the Lays of Beleriand we know that Narog was a wild river, it says that " Ginlith joins his tumult.." This sounds very reasonable, at least until he met and ran into the gorges of Andram, since he came from the foothills of Ered Wethrin and it fits well with the human name of the river.