Rhudaur the most Eastern of the three lesser Kingdoms Arnor was divided into after the death of Earendur. The boundries of the realm was to the North Ettenmoors and Hoardale, East Hithaeglir following Bruinen to the junktion with Mitheithel and to West the Weather Hills. Through the country ran Hoarwell and Bruinen from Hithaeglir. Rivendell, the refugee of the Elves, and Throllshaws were parts of the land but the topografic of the land is not described further. There is not mentioned any name of a capitol city but Frodo and also Bilbo saw ruins in the hills north of the Great East Road, near throllshaws. South-East of Rhudaur were the land of Eregion.

In Rhudaur the heirs of Isildur maneged to hold the realm until the seventh King; Elenwen. The tales of the two last Kings Aldor and Elagost tells they were not descendants of Isildur. The realm were overwhelmed and finally destroyed in T.A.1355. by a force from Angmar.