(The names of the kings of Cardolan and Rhudaur comes from a cardgame and are thus NOT certified by or in any of the books, LoTr, Hobbit, Sil, or the HoMe-series. However, the actual events possibly descriped in the files did take place. It is thus only everything concerned the name, birth, death etc. that is not certified.)

First King of Cardolan.

Son of Eärendur the last King of Arnor.

Born in T.A.year ? ( Around 810 ? ) Died in 936.

Brother to Amlaith and Aldarion.

Father to Turambar.

3 Age.

Thorondur was the youngest of the three sons of Eärendur. His oldest brother Amlaith inherited the realm of Arnor, Aldarion Rhudaur and himself Cardolan.

As the oldest son of Eärendur, Amlaith claimed the overlordship of the three realms, Cardolan, Arnor and Rhudaur but this Thorondur and Aldarion rejected and there was strife between the three kingdoms. The chief matter of the strife was the tower of Amun.Sûl and the Palantiri there.