The Dwarven Necklace.

Necklace of the Dwarves.

Nauglafring, Nauglamîr ( Early names )

The most renowned of the Dwarven works in the Elder days.

It was of gold and set with uncounted gems from Valinor that Finrod had brought with him. The Necklace always rested lightly on its wearer and always with grace and loveliness.

From the Earliest Tales we may get an idear of its beauty ...Not only was it wrought with the greatest skill and sublety in the world but it had a magic power,and there was no throat so great or so slender whereon it sat not with grace and loveliness. Albeit a weight beyond belief of gold was used in the making, lightly it hung upon its wearer as a strand of flax; and all such as clasped it about their necks seemed, as it hung upon their breasts, to be of goodly countenance, and woman seemed most fair. Gems uncounted were there in that carcanet of gold, yet only as a setting that did prepare for its great central glory, and lead the eye thereto, for amidmost hung like a little lamp of limpid fire the Silmaril of Fëanor, jewel of the Gods"

1 Age.

F.A. 52-102. Exactly when the Nauglamír was finished is unknown but it was made by the Dwarves for Finrod Felagund as a gift from the Dwarves in the Blue Mountains and mentioned together with the making of Nargothrond so a suggestion of the same time may be close to the truth.

F.A.465. When Finrod departed from Nargothrond with Beren Onehand the Nauglamír remained behind with his brother Orodreth.

F.A.495. Orodreth died in the battle of Tum Halad and Glaurung came to Nargothrond and took possession of the Nauglamír.

F.A.499. Glaurung was killed by Turin in Brethil and Mîm comes to Nargothrond.

F.A.501. Mîm is killed by Húrin Thalion who takes the Nauglamír from the halls of Nargothrond and brings it to Doriath and Thingol for a prize of what he thought was treason. Thingol, who at that time held the Silmaril Beren brought him, thought he would remade the Necklace and set it with the Silmaril with help of Dwarfs from Nogrod

F.A.502. The Dwarfs set the Silmaril in the Nauglamír but at the time where the work was done and Thingol came to collect it in his deep halls of Menegroth the Dwarfs would not let it go and they slew him as he stood. The Dwarfs tried to escape with their treasure, but they were hunted down and killed one by one and the Nauglamír brought back to Melian but two Dwarves came out of Doriath alive and reached their city Nogrod.

F.A.503. In Nogrod it was told that Dwarfs was slain in Doriath to cheat them of their reward and a host came forth from Nogrod and there was a great battle in Menegroth and the Nauglamír was once more stolen by Dwarfs. As they were heading back to Nogrod it game to knowledge of Beren and Lúthien what had happened. Beren and his son Dior gathered many of the Green-elves in Ossiriand and they ambushed the Dwarves at Sarn Athrad. Many Dwarves was slain here, but some escaped and fled against the Blue Mountains but as they climbed beneath Mount Dolmed, the Three-shepherds came forth and drove them into the woods of Ered Lindon from where none of them ever returned. In the battle of Sarn Athrad, Beren fought Naugladur the lord of Nogrod and wristet the Necklace from him. Beren brought it to Lúthien in memory of her father and mother who was no more ( Melian had left Arda in sorrow of the death of Thingol ) and for some time Tol Galen and the Land of the Dead that Live, was a vision of the beauty and glory of the realm of Valinor.

F.A.504. Dior moved to Menegroth in Doriath to raise the Thousand Caves to its former glory, the Necklace was brought to him and he took it and sat it around his neck.

F.A.505. The sons of Fëanor heard the rumors of Dior, they claimed the Neckless because of the Silmaril, yet Dior gave them no answer.

F.A.506-507. The sons of Fëanor gathered in the winter and attacked Menegroth near the years end. Dior killed Celegorm and Curufin and Caranthir died there too but also Dior and his wife Nimloth was slain in the Destruction of Doriath. Dior and Nimloth`s young sons, Elured and Elurin, was left to starve to death in the forest and there is no tale of the fate they suffered. The remaining sons of Fëanor did not find what they came for because Elwing Diors-daughter succeeded to escape with the Neckless to the mouth of river Sirion by the sea.

F.A.532. The Nauglamír left the circles of the world when Elwing trew herself into the sea but Ulmo brought her out of the waves and she came to Eärendil who brought the Nauglamír and the Silmaril back to Valinor.

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